Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fresh Frock Week? It's possible!

The Friday clothes swap was a complete success!  Everyone walked away with bags (or suitcases) stuffed with clothing and other household goods.  Good food, good conversation, good times!

I made out pretty well myself:
a lovely dress with a halter neck.  My boyfriend said the length was a bit "farmer's wifey" so I will remedy that before it journeys out in public.  I actually wasn't going to try it on at all, but apparently things look better when they aren't balled up on a couch.
a red pencil skirt with a ruffle at the bottom.  I could pair it with a fun cardigan to better emulate my style hero, Emma Pillsbury!
This black pencil skirt is a wool with two slits in front (scandalous)!  I love it. 
Another black wool pencil skirt, but this one had gold snaps and zippers as closures ... and pockets!
I wore this skirt out on Staurday - comfortable and the buttons added some personality!
A gray wool pencil skirt with pockets.  I guess I do not need to pursue making a black/gray pencil skirt to add to the staples of my wardrobe!
This lovely checked blouse went well with the new form clinging jeans I grabbed.
I loved the stripe detailing down the side.
...and a miniskirt with stripes and buttons on the front.  Love at first dressing.

 I also took home two camisoles and two running shirts.  It was a fabulous night!  I think I may be able to have a Fresh Frock week if I wanted!


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