Friday, January 7, 2011

My Christmas Projects

I wanted to do as many handmade gifts as possible for Christmas this year. I realized that in my life, I have a lot of "stuff" and I didn't want to pass that on. We all have a lot of things, and for my parents in particular, the things that they want, they go out and buy. I wanted this Christmas to be different and special. So I put my sewing machine to work and here are some (but not all) of the results....

My grandmother likes to take tea with her wherever she goes, so I made her this lovely Tea Wallet Tutorial and filled it with individual Earl Grey (decaf) teabags...

Grandma also needed a market tote from an old pillowcase...very tropical and fun!  The strap is continuous and only sewn together at one spot, but for the life of me, I cannot find the tutorial I used.

And finally for Grandma, I made her a set of felt backed coasters with quilted tops.  She was the original crafter in the family and enjoyed her gifts very much!

Mom needed a wonderful pillow to go in front of the fireplace.  I used the tutorial for the button monogram pillow and Mom loved it!  I am now out of brown and gold buttons, though, so I need to replenish my supply!
Mom also needed a Dahlia brooch.  She didn't know she needed it, but she totally did.  I used the fabulous tute found here and she was amazed that I had made it.

Last but not least, Mom's trivet, which I made out of cotton clothesline and love: Knot Trivet

Dad needed a pillow for his remotes...and to show some love for our team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, I sacrificed one of my shirts and made him this soft thing he could throw at the TV.  I was inspired by this Sweatshirt Pillow, and thought he definitely needed one.  If nothing else, he can put it under his now bionic knee so he can watch the games in comfort.

Both my Dad and my brother got mugs made with love from this tutorial: Mustache Mug, which I filled with individual bags of Jack Daniel's and Southern Comfort coffee.  Sadly, I did not get pictures of these, but I think I may make one for myself to use at the office.  Who doesn't want to be seen drinking out a mustache mug?  They are a key conversation starter at the water cooler.

My oldest sister loves color, and so do I!  I learned how to make these awesome bowls from this great tutorial and I ended up making four more for other people (all were various shades of blue).  This one is my favorite because you can see all of the little flowers in the fabric.

She also needed something to hold her makeup, so I used a tutorial for a patchwork pencil pouch and added some red lace near the zipper.  My sister-in-law also got one filled with Burt's Bees chap stick (multiple tubes since I know my nieces would steal it :) ).

My other sister got this little boxy pouch ...
and inside was this lovely bangle, which she had given me years before and I spray painted silver and covered with blue lace...
and finally, a makeup brush case, complete with makeup brushes...

And finally...something for me :) 
My boyfriend and I share limited hanging space in our closet, and since he now owns nine kilts, he takes up quite a bit of room.  I got this dress for $30 and wore it to Junior Prom in high school and it was hanging in my part of the closet.  Just sitting there.  I had no idea when I was going to wear a floor length white ballgown, but a shorter one?  That could be doable!  I chopped 2 1/2 feet off the bottom, hemmed it, tied a sash around the middle and I was set to holiday party it up!

I had made other gifts for my mother in the past, but had never taken here they are!

a pearl and black ribbon necklace...
and a lovely travel pillow, given to her before they drove to Washington, DC.

I feel so accomplished!  Granted, I wasn't able to make anything for my nieces or nephews (storage books were a big failure), but they enjoyed laser tag gift certificates so much more. :)


  1. I am so proud of you! What a plethora of new skills!! You are a craft queen. I think the bracelet is my favorite

  2. holy craftiness! you're super talented!