Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Most Comfortable Dress Ever

I love bedsheets for many reasons.  No need to hem, already been washed, durable, and probably soft from many tumbles through the dryer.  For this project, I had some grey jersey sheets that I had been holding on to from when I had a full size bed.  I was not about to get rid of them because I just knew that someday they would make a perfect dress.

I whipped out the pattern below from my stash (and I highly recommend this pattern because it was very easy to work with)...

And made this!  The blue version above lured me in with it's romantic sleeves and tie... but I did not realize the length was going to be so long.  I shortened the hem by 9 1/2 inches!  I threw on my grey rain boots and felt like I matched Chicago's weather.

The back view...only one seam running down the middle.  I did not have to make any adjustments to the dress besides the hem - it fit perfectly the first time!  I love when projects turn out like that.

This is how I wore it to work - turquoise necklace and earrings, blue sweater, and also a blue and green pashmina.  I love that the dress is such a basic grey that I can pair it with any other color and still feel stylish.  Also, this is, without a doubt, the dress that will get the most wear in my closet because IT IS SO COMFORTABLE.  I sat in my cube all day and it was like wearing pajamas.  It was delightful. 

Friends, I cannot recommend using bedsheets enough for your projects, especially if they are jersey.  I've got my eye on the blue jersey sheets in our linen closet right now because they are getting a little threadbare in spots....but not so much that I couldn't find some fabric to work with (tee hee!). 

I'm also excited about my bed sheet collection because I won a lovely giveaway from Luv in the Mommyhood!!  I won Re-Sew, a fabulous book about turning your thrift store treasures into crazy stylish items - I AM SO EXCITED!  Thanks to Shannon for being fabulous and wonderful and offering this giveaway.  Her blog is fantastic, so if you haven't checked it out, please do!


  1. I love to use bedsheets too! There is more fabric than one would think in a sheet. Even thrifted bedsheets can be used to make a muslin. Also, your dress is very cute! :]

  2. This is really cute, super flattering! I need to keep this pattern in mind, great job!

  3. I need a dress like that, it looks so awesome!

  4. I totally love that dress. It has a retro feel but is way stylish.I'll have to but that pattern at the simplicity sale.I never considered a bed sheet for jersey. Brilliant. Oh and I hope Zombie Edward is only a costume!yikes.