Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Swing Dress or "The Lurking UFO"

Friends, lovely reader Amanda posted this in the comments section of the UFO Skirt to Dress Refashion:

Nice work! I see you're also participating in the Swing Dress Sew-Along, which would be a UFO project for me except I haven't yet cut into the fashion fabric (just the muslin)! Have you been working on yours? Or maybe you posted it and I just missed it :) I'm working on 2 UFOs for this week's challenge, whoopee!

I knew I was forgetting something!  I had totally blanked on using the swing dress as my UFO. I wanted to put together a post with pictures...of my completed pattern.  My goal last night was to finish putting together all the pieces of the pattern that I had printed off at home (is that sad or what?).  Well, as much I would have liked it to, it didn't happen.  I was beat after running (marathon training has begun again - huzzah!) and just stretched while watching the movie, Timer.  I completely missed the boat on the Swing Dress Sew Along.  I wanted to participate, but seeing as how I still haven't begun work on my boyfriend's final Negroni shirt from the MPB Sew Along, maybe Sew Alongs aren't for me?

I'm not one to sew on much of a schedule.  I do try and get as much done during the weekends as possible since my time tends to be a little more open.  Weeknights are just too crazy with work and now running to have consistent available time.  I try and do little bits here and there, like this morning for instance: I have a sweater that I want to take in on the sides, so with the five minutes I had extra, I pinned the sides on my dressmaker's dummy, Emmy.  When I get home, if I have another few minutes pop up, I'll grab my tailor's chalk and mark it up proper.  Do any of you split up your sewing time like this, taking hours or minutes between steps as time becomes available?

So, Amanda, we can finish this whole Swing Dress Sew Along thing together!  Before the week ends, I'm determined to get the pieces together and some fabric cut out. Better late than never, right? Bravo on working on 2 UFOs for this week - I can't wait to see your finished projects!

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  1. Hey, that's me! :) Good to see I'm not the only one who stalled on the swing dress pattern. Yes, let's finish this thing, we can do it!! I can't decide if it would be lame or not to fill out the form on Casey's swing dress party post weeks after she posted it...!

    As for sew along schedules, yeah I don't think they work out for me either. I always think I'll finish on time, but it doesn't pan out. Just the other day I decided the best thing for me was to sew a few steps at a time and then stop. It's good to have that mental break and be able to look at things fresh! Less chance for UFOs? I sure hope so.