Monday, April 11, 2011

Meg the Klutzy

Good morning, Friends! 

I had hoped to be able to show you some lovely things I have been working on this weekend for this week's Sew Weekly Challenge: Kidding Around...but sadly, I turned my ankle playing basketball last night and cannot operate the pedal of my sewing machine to finish the goodies.  I was pretty proud of my court skills, considering I have not played in thirteen (!) years (hello, eighth grade gracefulness), but then I turned my ankle and had to be "rah rah" from the bench. 

I have been working on this lovely BurdaStyle Pattern: Batwing Top.  I'm using a fantastic knit fabric in black and green and it is working out so well...

It sews up fabulously, and I am using pieces of an old, stained shirt from my Cedar Point monster days to complete the edges.  You can see why the shirt is stained below....

I used to be a Screamster at Cedar Point Amusement Park!  I was the Bird Woman, who looked a little like Cher, but spoke and cawed so beautifully.  My chest was spray painted every night with feathers, so the shirts I wore for protection against the cold were permanently stained.

I am hoping to be finished with the Batwing top by tomorrow and have something to show for my weekend sewing efforts!

In the meantime, I always forget to take pictures of the things I've made.  Doing the Sew Weekly challenges has kept me on track with recording more time consuming projects, but the little ones tend to fall through the cracks.  For instance, my awesome mother had a birthday!

She's so pretty :)

I made her a pouch using Little Big Girl Studio's tutorial, only I did not use patchwork this time.  I added some ribbon I had instead (yellow tulips are so pretty), and stitched it right up.  I love combining grey and yellow, and yellow is Mama Grand's signature color, so she liked it, too!

An inside view of the lining and zipper...

I also made her a fabric bowl using strips of fun fabric and clothesline...this takes a little bit of time and love, but the final result always makes me smile!  I would definitely recommend using this tutorial from CraftStylish if you are looking to make one for yourself :)

Wide and flat-ish...perfect for office supplies, cutlery, rolls...the possibilities are endless!

I fixed a sweater to make it a little more wearable (at least to me...)  I chopped off the arms, took it in on the sides and changed the buttons.

This is Happy Dog, helping me model the final product.  I received her for my 7th birthday, and when I opened the box from my awesome Godfather, this stuffed dog bounded out!  I thought she was happy to see me, so the name stuck :)  Yes, I still have my stuffed animals.  She goes with me whenever I move to a new locale.

I had some silver nautical buttons in my stash, and they suit the sweater perfectly.  I don't wear a ton of gold jewelry, so the gold buttons were hindering my desire to wear this sweater regularly.

I also made several Charlie grocery bags...

If you ever want a fabulous tute on how to make one with a serger, check out Gertie's tutorial on YouTube!  It was her Sew Easy audition, and I think she is just amazing.

Plaid for a coworker...

Some pieced together bandanna fabric for me...

I had originally made this bag for someone else, but decided to keep it...whoops!  The fabric is delightful with the girl and her basket.  It is a heavy canvas material, so this is my go-to bag when I need to cart shoes or other items to and from work.

Extreme close up!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully I'll have something a little "fresher" for you next time :)

Hugs to all my lovely friends out in the blogosphere!


  1. dying over bird woman. love that she reads plays.

  2. I've seen that Burda Batwing Top and admired it. I can't wait to see how yours turns out. :)

  3. That bird woman costume is fantastic! I hope that your foot gets better so you can keep on sewing. Also, I like your grocery bags! I tried to download that pattern from Burda awhile back but it has been messed up.

  4. Ooo, thanks Meg the Klutzy for those 2 excellent tutorials! I'm particularly excited about the pencil case. I hadn't seen the Gertie youtube video before - look at all those happy little Janomes behind her (that's the one I have!). And please don't ever walk up behind me in that Bird Woman outfit ;)

  5. Hi Meg, that batwing top up isn't available on Burda anymore....any chance you might still have your digital pattern for it? I've tried getting in touch with the original Burda owner of it, with no luck! If you can help, I'd really appreciate it! Keri {}