Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reason #297 Why I Love Magpie Mimi

Yesterday was seriously awful, ya'll.  Let's just say I hate surprises...at least when it comes to money.


I come home from this awful day, and it was like the Fates were saying, "We are looking out for you today.  Here's a bundle from the UK."

My Sew Weekly swap package had arrived!

The fabulous Magpie Mimi sent me all of these lovely things from her stash!  She wrote me a beautiful note detailing all the treasures she included, and I could have cried at the kindness of it.

Included in this fantastic bundle of kindness:

- a darling flower brooch with some sparkle in the middle (currently featured on my coat for all to see)
-a length of sequin, which is AMAZING because I was in Hancock Fabrics over the weekend looking for red sequin trim and they were sold out!!!  Again, Magpie Mimi saves the day!
-a lovely length of pink ribbon - fabulous with the pink fabric I just got
-some pearl beads and red beads - big plans for the red beads - I'm thinking head scarf? Rhoda would approve.
-orange, yellow, and pink crochet trim - LOVE LOVE LOVE.  My signature color and it is crocheted?! Mimi, it is like you crawled in my mind and saw exactly what I needed.

I love yellow, and this yellow trim (I hope you can see the detail) is going to work PERFECTLY in one of my upcoming creations (sooo excited...it is soooo pretty in real light, I swear - I just have an awful camera).

And my favorite part....BUTTONS!  Yellow. Bow. Buttons.  I squealed out loud and Rob thought I had dropped something on my foot.

The purple buttons (a beautiful deep purple from a dress that Mimi loved dearly) were a definite highlight.  I started brainstorming about a Colette Pattern dress (I think it is Ceylon?) with buttons down the front.  *Happy sigh*  Romantic, indeed.

I also am in love with Mimi's button packaging.  Seriously.  This adorable little pouch with ribbon stole my heart.

So Mimi, thank you for taking what was a seriously awful day and making it fantastic.  Your kindness truly touched my heart, and I will treasure these items for a very long time.

With gratitude,

I was also given the opportunity to send the lovely Kat a package - all the way to New Zealand!  I was like an excited kid at the Post Office...hehehe!  Mailing sewing notions around the world...

this swap was a fabulous idea :)


  1. It's such a relief it arrived and you liked it all! How strange you were looking for the sequin trim! Must have known! ;) haha!

    Really glad everything is getting a good home, I know you will put it all to good use!

  2. What a gorgeous package!

    And I just wanted to say, thanks again for the awesome stash you sent me. I'm currently trying to decide what to use for this weeks Easter Hat challenge! So much fun! :-)