Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: "Kiss the Cook" or "How Satin Almost Killed Me"

Friends, it is a bit like Frankenstein, but it is done. 

I had a complete and total epiphany about the crinoline.  Why not make use of one sitting in my closet??  I grabbed this dress that I never wear (it's cute, but the fabric is quite possibly the cheapest cotton out there...)

 Hello, Crinoline!

Snip snip snip...add some bias tape to act as a ribbon...and voila!  a removable crinoline!


And all together, now...the dress and apron monstrosity...

I cannot even begin to tell you how glad I am that this is done.  Done done done.  I do not know if I will ever work with satin again, or if I will ever use this BurdaStyle pattern again.  I feel like it shows a bit too much on top for my liking.


Trying to be glamorous, but also revealing A LOT of skin!

The back of the dress.  I'm actually very pleased with the length - this was all the satin I had in my stash and I was worried it was going to be too short. 

Argh!  Stay in there!


Close up of my apron, which I whipped together at the last minute.  The blue flowery/butterfly fabric is also used as the lining of the dress.  I wanted to use this fabric up as it is just random pieces floating around, so the flounce of the apron is pieced together rather creatively. 

I used this lovely Butterick apron pattern in my stash.  I made ten of these aprons two Christmases ago for all the women in my family and now I finally got to have one, too!

The dress by itself.  I ended up taking in the back a little to give a little more definition to the waist, and I think it helped a bit.  Adding the crinoline definitely gave some more poof to the skirt which I like...who knows?  I may actually wear this dress out in public....with a sweater of course. 

The gathers.  It. Was. Intense. Learn from my mistakes, Friends!

And finally, a shot with the crinoline exposed.  Tee hee!

Thanks for all of your kind support!  This dress was quite a bit of headache, and it might take more work on the neckline before I feel comfortable wearing it, but I am so glad it is done!!!

If you made the dress or apron this week, post a link in the comments - I'd love to see your versions!


  1. meg, vavaVOOM! that neckline looks amazing on you! i know everyone's been, ahem, down on the neckline, but a li'l double sided tape is all you need. and if worn out on a date night at le fancy restaurant, neckline becomes elegant and sexy in a mature and glamorous way! i'm working on mine today... in leopard print... so all glamour will be lost.

  2. Everyone seems to dislike the low neckline, but I have an RTW dress with an almost identical bodice and it makes for a great date dress! You could always add a sheer panel with some lace or something if you wanted.

  3. I love that neckline! I think it's a nice romantic going out dress (as most say before me). Wear that out on the town with a big beaded necklace and some pumps. Hot mama coming- look out world!!!!

  4. FANTASTIC! The dress looks fabulous in satin! What a great choice! And i don't think it looks too low-cut on you at all (though it definitely feels low-cut when you wear it...I've had the same issues with mine!) YAY! So pretty and the crinoline is a nice touch!!

  5. I think it looks great! I like your styling as well with the peep toes. I am with onaballoon. Fancy night out and you are set especially with those peep toes!!!!

    I am off to get more fabric for mine. I must have laid it out wrong or something cause I ran out when cutting out the skirt part. Oh well . . .

  6. Lovely dress! Makes me want to make it in a satin now!

  7. hoping on the bandwagon, I also think it looks great as is.

  8. WOW, that is a HOT dress, I love it, looks amazing on you! That's definitely a good one to have in your closet for special occasion!

  9. I'm self conscious too with low necklines as I'm a bit busty, so I know what you mean. I think the dress looks great though, and I officially want a crinoline of my very own! You've also reminded me I need to blog about my apron - I'm such a terrible blogger!

  10. I've just discovered your blog. I like the way you write - your sense of humour :)
    I love your apron!