Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The lovely Rebecca at Tales of a Wannabe Seamstress thought I deserved a little blog love and passed along a Stylish Blog Award to me!  Yay!

This is exciting because when I started writing this blog, I really didn't think anyone would read it, but I am so flattered that each of you do!  I am sending you all bloggy hugs right now.

Because Rebecca was so nice to think of me, I am going to answer seven questions about me and then pass it along to other lovely people in the blogosphere.

1. My favorite snack on the whole planet is popcorn and m&ms.  No joke.  While the popcorn is popping, throw some chocolate goodness in the bottom of the popcorn bowl (I have a special bowl just for popcorn), and when the popcorn is done, dump on top of chocolate.  Wait 30 seconds and then dive in.  The chocolate will be comprised of melty dreams and with the touch of salt and butter from the popcorn, you are good to go.  I know you want to try this now :)

2.  I used to be a pack a day smoker.  Now I cannot stand smoking, but I think that comes from rejecting temptation long enough.  I did not quit because I wanted to (at first), but because I could no longer afford it when I moved to Chicago.  I was struggling to pay my bills and it was either cigarettes or food.  I chose food.  When I started running, it only made my decision that much easier, and I haven't looked back.

3.  I love words that begin with the letter "P."  If you ever ask me what I want for a birthday or holiday, I will tell you a pony - not because I really want one, but because the word is awesome.  Of course, if you did get me a pony, I would love it a lot.  I love words like participle, placebo, and pitter-patter.  I'm a total geek.

4.  Speaking of geektastic, my favorite TV show is Doctor Who.  I was crazy upset when David Tennant left, and I was determined to hate Matt Smith because "he is not MY Doctor," but he has grown on me and I now love bow ties with a fervor.  Also, his ginger companion, Amy Pond, is fabulous.

5.  I am the youngest of five children and the only redhead.  My Dad was a redhead and I got the magic combination of genes and boom!  I was born with a full head of red hair and a temper to match.  Apparently, I was an angry baby but I am much happier now that I can talk :)

6.  I hate rollercoasters with big hills at the beginning.  I know that seems oddly specific, but I hate anticipation.  I'm a very nervous person - having a big hill to go up before a big plunge always make me regret my decision, especially when I feel like my stomach is hitting my lungs.  No good!  Meg wants off!

7. I cannot stand being cold.  It's a wonder I survive Chicago winters, but I thank LL Bean for making crazy warm coats and boots that get me through the gross months.  I tend to shake pretty badly, and my hands and feet turn purple at the drop of a hat.  I am also not a fan of air conditioning in the summer.  I would rather deal with a breeze or no breeze coming through the windows and get by with ceiling fans.  I like riding with the windows down in cars - I'll sacrifice the extra bit of gas to be comfortable.  It's completely un-green of me, but nothing beats having the wind in your hair.  (Insert "Boys of Summer" here). 

That's all I've got, but I would love to pass this along to some of my favorite people to follow here in Blogland:

Thank you one and all for reading about my sewing adventures, and thank you for all of your support about the black satin dress.  I think I have found a solution for the crinoline - yay!


  1. I know how you feel about the big climb at the beginning of a roller coaster! My heart is in my throat every time. Thanks very much for passing along the blog love :)

  2. thanks meg! i am totally with you on number one. but i usually dump the candy on top, after the bowl is filled with popcorn... intriguing...

    um, and whoah, windows down means more gas? wtf? i thought my hatred of AC was saving mullah all these years!

  3. Yay, thanks for the mention :-D I did one of these a month ago and then I deleted the post accidentally thinking it was the draft version, AAARGH! (cue Patty from Peanuts).

    I totally, totally agree with you on hating the cold. I lived in L.A. for 2 years and the winters were wonderful. It got to a point where I was complaining about a 50-degree day in January - oh, so spoiled in those days.

  4. Congrats on your blog love.

    David Tennant is MY doctor too! I still haven't watched enough of 11 to be used to him yet. I do love bow ties though. I have two or three of them.

    My mum's a redhead as is her mum. Out of eight kids, not one redhead. One cousin got the red hair though and then another cousin's son has red hair so it's like a once in a generation thing or something.

  5. Thanks for keeping this going! I feel you on the cold, I hate it and complain about it the entire winter. :]