Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Butterick Summer Pattern Collection

Friends, remember when I said patterns were like candy?  Well today we got a heaping pile of sweet tarts, smarties, jolly ranchers, candy necklaces, and candy buttons!

Butterick has listened to the people and did not get all crazy with the wings and draping. 

First up, this lovely sheath dress with a ruffled neckline.  I love the simplicity of the overall dress style because it really allows the attention to be drawn to the neckline.  If you have fabulous collarbones and are looking to show them off, I highly recommend this.  I can see it in a bright yellow or red for an outdoor summer wedding.  Don't forget the sunscreen, though!  Some of our shoulders have not seen the light of day since last summer and things could get crazay.  And by crazay, I mean crispay.

A simple summer dress pattern, but I think it looks fantastic as a print.  I won't be purchasing this necessarily, as I know waistlines like that do not look good on me, but I love the pockets.  Total farmer's market dress. 

Again, another simple summer dress, but I love the option of wearing it as a top.  It looks cool and comfortable, and would be great in a jersey print.

 I love this dress because it looks like a wrap dress, but doesn't call for the five yards of fabric it takes for a wrap dress.  I love wrap dresses, but I am seriously limited by how much fabric I have in my stash.  I adore the cuffs on the blue dress and the fabric belt that wraps around fully before tying in front.  It's an easily wearable look, which is good, because it's a Fast & Easy pattern.  I would love to see how fast someone could make this! 
 Another summer dress!  And it's wearable!  I love the pink and white versions - the necklines are fabulous.  My favorite part of this would have to be the waistline because it would hit right below the natural waist, allowing the waist to appear slim and move the gathers bulk lower.  I would probably shorten the dress and have it hit right above the knee, but other than that, I think this a spot on, drinking sangria on a restaurant patio, laughing with my friends pattern.
A  tunic top which mimics a wrap dress and offers options like a V, boat or open/one shoulder neckline.  Love it!

 This is hands down one of my favorites in this collection.  I love the lace insets on the sleeves and the cowl neckline!
 The sleepwear option, which all looks cool and comfortable.  I have some decent size scraps of eyelet fabric which might be put to good use in a pattern like this. 

This skirt/short pattern may appear a little lackluster, but the button front skirt reminded me of Colette's Beignet Pattern.  If you're looking for simple, quick skirts for summer, I think this may be the pattern for you.

I realize this is completely impractical because I have nowhere to wear this, like at all, or ever, but I still want one.  In green.  Or a lovely brocade.  This may be a pattern that I buy and keep in my stash because it. is. gorgeous. 

Or I may need it if I ever decide to try out for Moulin Rouge 2: the Prequel.  Or Satine: Zombies Can (Can).

I love this shirt dress pattern for petites!  What a fun plaid to use - very nautical.  All you need is some swim trunks (and some flippy floppies) ... 

Well, it can't all be lollipops and rainbows, because that is just impractical.  Candy shops also sell those weird orangey peanut things, and that is what these patterns are....weird things that you probably should not be eating.

Here we have a knit dress, which really doesn't flatter any shape, but just kind of lays there...like a cat that thinks it is superior to you.  Crazy kitty, laying there, plotting my demise.
And then we have this caftan thing, which may not be completely practical for everyday wear, because it is warm in summer, but might be fabulous in a lightweight material and worn as a beach cover up.  Not the jumpsuit though - just ignore the jumpsuit.  It is the black sheep on the pattern cover.

Friends, what do you think of the new summer collection from Butterick?  Any favorites?  Or disappointments?  I'd love to know - leave your opinion in the comments!


  1. When I saw the unbuttoned version of the shirtdress for petites, my first thought was "plaid doctor's coat?" I think it was the white pants that got me ;)

  2. I love the second pattern and have been looking for something like this! I say get the corset top pattern... at least you can wear it for halloween!

    Also, I LOVE orange peanut shaped candy... :)

  3. there are a few nice wearable ones. I like the wrap dress with the collar (I'm having a thing for collars at the mo) also the t shirt dress . oh a the pj are rather cute, I'm hoping SW has a PJ challenge soon.

  4. You should get the corset pattern and make one for that rare time you may ever think about gothing again. :)