Monday, May 2, 2011

Meg and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

First of all, THANK YOU to all of you for your wonderful support on my Royal Wedding Refashion - it made my day!! I wish there was a way to respond to each of your comments - *ahem* Blogger, are you paying attention?  No seriously, I adore all of you - thank you :)

For this week's sewing challenge, I knew exactly what book I needed to use:

...because aside from the Royal Wedding goodness, I got quite the shock on Thursday:

I am moving. *Swoons and lands under desk*

The Robert and I live in a property and the landlords want to renovate, which means, we need to move out temporarily.  Originally, we were staying and moving from room to room while the renovations happened around us.  Now we need to move out entirely for probably three months, and probably to a different building/neighborhood altogether. This is how I found out we were moving:

Meg: "Shelley wants to know if we are having people over on July 4th.  I don't think we're visiting your parents or mine, so why not?"

The Rob: "We can't have people over because we are moving that weekend."


Meg: "WHAT."

The Rob has been living in this space for eleven years, and I have been living there for two, so you can imagine the amount of clutter that has built up!  The first thing that crossed my mind was, "Sweet puppy in a basket, I need to get rid of fabric.  There is no way I can pack all of that."

So, I am going to be getting rid of fabric.  And lace.  And notions.  Which means:


I am moving in two months, which means stuff needs to go go go.  While I'm not going to ship you that extra blender I randomly have with a bent blade, I will ship you other pretty things.  I could not bear to give fabric away to a thrift store when I know my lovely friends could use it.  Is that complete hoarder behavior or what?

In terms of this sewing challenge, since I'll be living out of a suitcase for a few months, I need to have some excellent pieces that I can wear regularly.  I have a green sweater that needs to be taken in and given some love, and my Burda 8488 pattern is begging to be made.  I'm thinking some blue sailor pants, because Alexander wears blue pants, right?  Right.

In between sewing my outfit this week and making Mother's Day presents, I will be cleaning out the kitchen.

This could be a picture of me cleaning out the utensil drawer.  I realize we have two sets of silverware but I like the way my forks feel in my hand...

Moving is a difficult process for two pack rats.


  1. Looks like a fab book! Good luck with the packing--moving can be such a pain...looking forward to the giveaways :)

  2. UGH meg good luck!!! i moved it six times in two years. i won't lie to you. it sucked.

    but yay for us, giveaways! so happy you're moving!!! moving is AWESOME!!!

  3. Girl, I feel ya! I am moving too! but later this summer. Moving can be very therapeutic. But I'm with Onna on this one. Yay for giveaways.

  4. Ohhh, good luck with your move! I've moved 4 times in the past 5 years, which I thought was a lot until I read oona's comment above! It's amazing how much junk I've gotten rid of over the years because of moving. I guess this is one way of helping with your fabric de-stashing, don't you have walls of fabric? :)

  5. Nearly HALF of our moving boxes were books and fabric (packaged together for weight purposes). I'm sad to hear you're getting rid of fabric, but would be happy to take cotton off your hands! I could return it to you in quilted blanket form! Good luck!

  6. Moving is HORRIBLE! I'm a terrible packrat so I know how much of a pain the packing is.

    I kinda feel sad now. I work at Salvation Army and I have bought a lot of my fabric there. One day I'll get around to using it.