Friday, May 13, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Mom or "A Grand Refashion"

Mama Grand has excellent fashion taste.  She gave me this, one of her favorite dresses of all time:

I made some serious alterations to this puppy.  I took out the shoulder pads (but did not make a hat, sadly), shortened the sleeves, gathered the sleeves and added a cuff, took it in on the sides, and hemmed the skirt portion.

I am loving the final result....

I am still crazy about the pockets.  They are deep enough to carry my iPod, work badge, and phone.  I am resisting the urge to tear through my closet and add pockets to every dress I have made so far. 

The back view.  Love that zipper!

The re-done sleeve close up, with button reattached. I had to re cut and gather the top of the sleeve because the shoulder pads had warped the fabric like whoa.
I like puff sleeves though - I blame Anne of Green Gables 100%.

Look!  I have hands!  I can live outside of my pockets for five minutes at a time!

Thanks for the dress, Mom. I love it!

Doing my hair after work and before shooting pictures...The Rob was trying to be artsy, and he apparently does it very well because I actually like this picture.  Maybe I'll take my outfit photos in the bathroom from now on...

I think this is now one of my new favorite dresses, and definitely a great addition to the "work wardrobe" for Me Made June. I really didn't want to wear the same skirt and shirt to work everyday and be known as "that stinky girl with the hair." Me Made June is only three weeks away - eek!  I need to get cracking on more pants!

Is anyone else frantically sewing for Me Made June? I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Such a great refashion! Your dress looks fabulous! :]

  2. Fabulous refashion, dahlink! ;) I love it! I confess to loving puff sleeves, too, and it's definitely all Anne's fault! Hee hee!

  3. OMG, whenever I think 'puff sleeve' I think Anne too! Unfortunately my shoulders are so big that I can't really rock the puff sleeve look (much to my dismay).

  4. I may not be sewing frantically, but I certainly feel frantic when a MMMonth is coming up...I never finish!
    You do the best refashions!

  5. Those sleeves are so adorable. I love the button. :-) And I love this dress! And you!

  6. the rob takes some seriously good shots. ruggy can't take a focused picture, i'm screwed there.

    snazzy redo! i'm seriously considering hacking up some stuff, you get such great results!

    (word verification: reupflo. "did you see meg's dress? she totally reupflo'd that jammy.")

  7. Love the refashion! I'm going to have to get some tips from you on the refashion front...all your refashions look fabulous!!