Friday, June 24, 2011

Me Made June: Day 23 and Refashioning Week Day 5

Mama Grand is in town!

On our short jaunt to Navy Pier before dinner at the Red Canary, I'm wearing my unrequited love top and my skirt refashion from Tuesday.

Isn't my mama so cute?  I'm so glad she's here :)

She's in town for a Girls Trip with her best friend. 

After we got back from dinner, the city looked like this: 

but I still needed to take refashion pictures!  Silly Meg.  Here is what I started with: a black long sleeve button down shirt from H&M.  I grabbed it at a clothing swap because I knew it had potential...

...even though it had this:

I chopped off the sleeves and a good portion of the back of this shirt to make it into a button down halter. I think it will be nice, cool, and stylish for summer outings (key word: "cool"). 

In my effort to create a unique picture, I hopped in the tub :)

Look!  Two sinks so Rob doesn't touch my stuff!  (just kidding, Honey...but seriously...stay away from my toothpaste.  My squeezing from the middle of the tube is never going to change.)

A shot of the back.  I put an elastic casing on the back to hold up the fabric as well as add some gathering detail.  I had never done this before, but I'm really liking the final effect.

Two more days left!  I hope your week is going well where you are!


  1. really nice! I wish I could wear that style, yours looks fabulous (um... despite the fact that you're a middle-of-the-tube squeezer... that's just so wrong.)

  2. Great pictures and nice refashion project.

  3. Very clever refashion! Never mind if you're a middle of the tube squeezer, so long as you put the cap back on ;-)

  4. Awesome refashion and very versatile!

  5. LOVE this! you are so rockin' this challenge! Mama Grand is so sweet...looks like you had a great time!

  6. Nice! Great idea - I may just have to steal it. :-)