Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: The Perfect Summer Dress or "Orange is My Signature Color"

Friends, it is no surprise to people who have met me that the glorious color orange is my signature color.  I love the way it pops out and shocks your eye, and I even wear it when people say it clashes with my hair. Because clashing means I am a rock star, right?  Right.

I have been carrying around this muumuu dress for about five years, never knowing what to do with it but knowing that I love the fabric.  Has anyone else carried around a piece of fabric until they found the perfect pattern?  Someday inspiration will strike, so don't let it go!  

I had another dress cut out and ready to go under the needle when I turned my head ninety degrees and saw, sticking out between some orange burlap (it has stripes, ya'll) and some blue and green plaid (destined to be a pair of bell bottoms in the near future) this dress.  And I knew it was time.

The back of this floor length dress had some crazy wings/draping/cape thing going on.  This needed to go if I ever planned on wearing this in public.

I took in the sides of the dress, removed the excess (!!) fabric, shortened the hem and added a stellar ruffle.
And now, we samba.

I love the colors, the flowers, the ruffle and the over sassiness factor of this outfit.

The back sans cape thingy.

I cannot wait to wear this out in public! I love that my toes and shoes match.  Tres matchy matchy.

Day 2 of Me Made June had me wearing the shirt below which I got at a clothing swap, but it was definitely a little too loose for my taste.

I took the shirt in on the sides, making the shape a little more flattering.  Dear Ann Taylor, I heart your face and necklines.  Love, Meg.  

I made the necklace out of some fabulous black beads I had lying around, and the skirt is a hand me down from my sister and it used to reach to my calves.  I'm not in high school choir anymore - I can get rid of the long, clingy, greyish skirts.  Chop off some inches and I go from choir girl to sexy secretary. Just go with it.
I also made the fabulous sun hat!

Dahlink!  I  promise I am wearing enough sunscreen!

The sun hat is from A Very Purple Person's pattern from the ever fabulous Grosgrain blog.  So easy to make and I am digging the style...

can't wait to wear it on the beach next week :)

Friends, have a fabulous evening!  I'm off to finish packing my flip flops and orange accessories for vacay!


  1. Love the sundress! So fun, summery, and oh so much better than it was in its original form. Great work! :]

  2. What fun pictures! The orange dress is fabulous! The blouse transformation is great too. You're on a roll :)

  3. The orange dress is awesome!

  4. A friend once said to me: 'But you can't be wearing red, you have red hair!' as if this was really unheard of. And the worst part is - I listened! Next time someone says this to me, I'll just keep in mind that I'm a rockstar. Redheads can wear ANYTHING. Right!
    (Great dress btw :))