Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Hitchcock or "North by Northwest Ohio"

Friends, let me take you on a journey to the college town of Bowling Green, Ohio:  the home of Bowling Green State University.  And Campus Polleye's stuffed breadsticks: the stuff dreams are made of.  (Pineapple + bacon + cheese = !!!)

Below you will see University Hall, home of the two theatres that were used during my time at BGSU.  (Don't ask about the sculpture on the right.  It really is what you think it is.) 

One was named after Joe E. Brown, and the other...was named after the lovely alumnus Eva Marie Saint, seen here in 1943.

Having spent great amounts of time on Eva's stage, you know I had to do a little tribute to the lady herself!  (No seriously, I must have signed the wall behind the curtain at least twenty times.  End of show ritual: sign the backstage theatre walls.  Ah, memories...)

Eva (I can call her that because we are like old friends, really.  I set up the green room for her once) visited campus to help fund raise.  Here she is below.  I remember the guy in the bow tie being really nice.  Dean of something or other. Look at Eva - total fashionista with that scarf.

But really, I think she was in her crowning glory when she donned this orange number (BGSU colors!) and ran around Mt. Rushmore in North by Northwest.  

Villainess?  Love interest?  Cary Grant?  This woman had it all!

...or I could be making that up because I am a bad alumnus and have never seen the movie.  Don't judge me.


Since I only have the patterns and fabric that I packed for our time in the sublet, I pulled out this pattern from the stash and decided view D would perfect.

I also pulled out some burnt orange fabric from the stash and got to sewing.  

The seam finishings nearly killed me.  I wanted to try something new for this dress and tried some simulated french seams.  The inside of the dress looks great, but I just finished it a few minutes ago.  I tend to be an impatient sewer, so this process made me really focus on what I was doing. 

I love the cut of the dress.  The bodice was a breeze to put together, as were the sleeves and their linings.  I flat-lined the entire dress to make the fabric less flimsy and see through.

I used lace as seam binding so the hem is not fraying.  Overall, the finishings and details make the dress feel sturdier and more wearable, so I'm glad I put the time into it, even if it seemed to drag on.

I'm super happy I have a new dress for work... and something to match my awesome plaid heels from Wal-Mart.

Have a fantastic day, everyone!  Giveaway post tomorrow!


  1. Your dress looks fantastic! I have been using mock french seams on my latest project as well and they are taking me forever and a day. Those shoes are just too cute. :]

  2. That looks fantastic Meg! And it's orange too! I love it!

  3. ooohhh!!! Love the dress-- that is one of my favourite colours on you!! and omg. those plaid shoes are so cute!!

  4. Gorgeous! Fantastic colour. And those shoes are super-fab! Wow!

  5. complete feel into the story.. and what a dress!!! Oh it.... xx

  6. Fantastic look! The strong color of the dress with the impression of squares of the shoes is really wonderful! Love, love, love!

  7. Love the dress, and the plaid heels. Super cute!