Thursday, August 11, 2011

Costumes + Running = Not Hating Running

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, Friends...but I have been working on my epic Elvis jumpsuit for tonight's race!  It is a thing of wonder, in, "I wonder how I am going to get this crazy thing on???"  I'm also wondering if I can wear the jumpsuit for the half marathon (13.1 miles of tears) on Sunday morning.  It's the Rock N Roll half marathon and I think running as Elvis might be the right thing to do.  This will depend on the weather because I am not wearing a wig in 90 degrees.  I like living too much.

As some of you know, I've been training for the marathon in October (WHATWASITHINKING).... but what you may not know is that I just signed up for another race for February 2012:

....because I like shiny things...

...and running to my castle before the sun rises...

...AND MAKING A SWEET LOOKING COSTUME!  Friends, it is only natural that I would want to dress as a princess who has red hair.  This leaves me with only two choices, one of which has me wearing seashells for a bra (not exactly supportive enough during a 13.1 mile run, ya know??):


or Giselle, the epic almost princess who wears actual clothing.

I mean, how awesome would it be to make this dress?

Or this dress?

Of course, these would be made in shorter versions (knee length or shorter) and possibly longer in the back.  I swear I could hide two water bottles and two Gu packs in each of those sleeves if I made the white dress.  Hydration is key, ya'll.

It is occasions that call for running in costumes that remind me why I like running: for the races!  I had never run before January 2010, but I had a marathon on my bucket list and I figured it would be easier to do if I started while I'm younger.  So I learned how to run.  And ten months later, I ran a marathon.  I do not recommend this craziness to anyone, but I proved to myself that I could do anything I put my mind to.  If you're interested in running, check out the Couch to 5K program - it got me started on this crazy insane path.

Back to the awesomeness that is sewing: which dress should I make?  Or, should I just paint seashells on my sports bra? I realize finding patterns for the dresses is going to be a bit difficult, but Halloween is coming up so I might be able to locate something similar in style.

Friends, your help in this matter would be so greatly appreciated!  Have a fantastic day and see you tomorrow with my Elvis photos :)


  1. I've been contemplating sewing outfits for the gym, but these silhouettes didn't exactly cross my mind. I'm slapping myself. An Elvis jumpsuit would be awesome for Zumba, lol.

    You inspire me to keep at this exercising gig! I'm so impressed with your "track record." :)

    You could always sew seashell charms to a running bra...

  2. Yeah, I think you're giving up on Ariel too quickly. Cut some seashells out of purple sparkly fabric and sew them on your bra! That would be awesome. I want to run this race with you... maybe someday I will do it. Disney Princess Half Marathon just screams my name. :-)

  3. You should be Ariel! She is my favourite of all the Disney characters. Hmmm maybe I will watch a few of the Little Mermaid songs now on youtube..... I don't even know who Giselle is....

  4. YAY! I love that there is a Princess awesome is that!!! I wish I could come and do it with you!! I totally vote for Giselle..I LOVE that movie!

  5. you are hilarious. i can always count on you for awesome lunchtime reading!

    i gotta vote for arielle too. and just think; for the mermaid half; you could wear super SUPER thin blue tights with scales drawn on. avec blue sneakers, of course.

    you must make this happen.

  6. For my Halloween costume as a child, my mom took a skin colored leotard and then made fabric shells in purple and sewed them on. That would work, and you could wear a sports bra underneath

  7. while I LOVE LOVE LOVE those Amy dresses.... I have to say Ariel is my vote. I would so totally paint seashells on a sports bra. Plus, surely running in some sort of fishtail thing would be MEGA.

    Um. Apparently, I'm channelling a fifteen year old girl from 2002.

    annnnyway, my kids had this totally fab Ariel costume one year that had the fishtail part hanging off the back of the bodice and then a skirty kind of thing in the front. You could totally do that with running shorts.


  8. A fellow runner that sews! Good luck at your race. I can't imagine running in costume, but I applaud those who do. The last marathon I ran, someone set the world record for fastest marathon run in a spider man costume or something like that. You should do a bit of research and figure out if you could set the world record in one of these costumes!

  9. Meg, you are a crazy girl, I love it! I wish I had half your craziness.

  10. I vote for seashells on the sports bra. As lovely as Giselle's dresses are, nothing would compare to sparkly green leggings with giant fins on your sneakers.

  11. Can you just make a Giselle dress to wear around? Also, I so want to see a pair of leggings that look like scales...

  12. I think Ariel's probably a winner... princess might be a little bit, well, prissy. Oonaballoona's ideas for the scale tights sound pretty good too.

    Just stumbled across your site - and am enjoying very much :D

  13. I am totally jealous that you are running the Disney Princess Half Marathon. (I'm pretty sure that I don't need to explain why. hehe) I read about it a few weeks ago and tried to convince Brian that we should go... and then he reminded me that I hate running more than 3 miles... to which I responded that I would totally learn to like running 13 miles if it meant I got to go to Disney.... I don't think he bought it... anyways, I digress. I vote for an Ariel costume. However, have you thought about making one of her dresses that she wears on land? Like the pretty blue one that she wears during "Kiss the Girl." It might be easier than trying to run in a fishtail. hehe. Good Luck!

  14. The white color costume looks pretty nice.I really like that costume very much.

  15. I actually saw fabric.. i think at Joanne's that was metallic-y fish scales. TLM was my favorite movie growing up! we even got spin off movies one being something about Stormy the wild seahorse!