Friday, August 12, 2011

Elvis Has Left the Building

It's like an epic romper with a cape, really.  And obnoxious flowers.  And a big black belt with a buckle...


but do not underestimate the power of Burda 8404!

This is probably one of the most interesting things I have ever made.  The colors alone are worth noting.  Have you ever seen Elvis in something like this?  Not in public, no...

...but I will bet you ANYTHING that he rocked out in this in his Jungle Room.  The man had good taste.

It is some fabulous rayon knit hideousness going on here.  THE COLLAR WOULD NOT LAY FLAT.  I may have thrown it on the floor and stomped on it once.  I am the queen of patience when it comes to funky knit fabrics.

There were many of us Elvii.  We are like a brotherhood.

I HAVE A CAPE, YA'LL!  (I make the whooshing noises)

Look, people actually want to be around me when I am wearing this!

Oh, HAI.

I am running all the miles!! No, seriously, I run with my arms flapping to deter bugs from flying in my mouth. 

Recovery food: peanut butter banana sandwich, chocolate covered frozen banana, water, and WATERMELON.  Very wise, race organizers... very wise, indeed.


Remember how I talked about possibly wearing this for my half marathon on Sunday?  Well... it's not going to happen.

The romper/mini jumpsuit ripped entirely down the middle.  Thankfully, my race number covered it up, but it's unrepairable.  I guess I took it off/put it on one too many times and my shimmying just was too much for it.  What can I say?  Hips don't lie.  Neither does ripping fabric.

I love a race that ends with someone handing me a beer.  Can you see how much hair I have?  It's obscene.  It needs to be cut.  I've begged Rob to do it, but he's a little wary.

What would an Elvis run be without an Elvis impersonator I ask you??

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help with the Disney Princess costume... you guys are BRILLIANT.  

I was not for Ariel (at all) until I read your comments.  Oona's idea for drawing on tights, combined with Beangirl's skirt and tail, along with Molly's leotard and Allison's idea for fins on shoes...OMG.  Mind = blown.  And as for Amy's idea to run a race wearing a costume and get entered into a Guinness Book of Records?  Oh, the ideas you have given me!!!

Thank you for giving me so many laughs - I loved hearing all of your ideas!  Here's to hoping I don't disappoint you as construction on the outfit begins :)


  1. With a beer waiting for me at the finish line, I may be able to be coaxed into running. Yowza! That must've been a sight, all those Elvii running? ! Awesome.


    this was so freaking entertaining. how i wish i could hang with you for real for a day.

    go team ariel!

  3. I'm with Oona, you need to visit us East Coasters. We will steal you and you will be our best sewing friend :)

  4. Wonderful! That's the way races should always look! Lots of smiles and laughter and fun. And, Elvis, of course. Good luck in your half!

  5. Best pictures. EVER. LOVED the wig and the outfit. I especially LOVED the photos of you at the start line. I'm with Oona...I want to hang out for realsies one day!!!