Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Peer Review or Sweetly Sheer Sorbetto

That Mena Trott Sewing up seven Sorbettos in a week.  She is the Sorbetto Superwoman.

How could I not be inspired by that? Especially her lovely pleated neckline version??

Mine, of course, is a little more sheer than hers and does not have sleeves... which means the wind goes through it like butter.

I picked this fabric because it was lonely and I had no previous ideas for it.  It's a polyester silk blend, so it was a little strange until I ironed it - then it began to flow beautifully.  I had just enough for the body of the shirt (sans pleat down the front) and the pleated neckline.

It was a little difficult to do rolled hems with the fabric, so.... the top of the shoulders are a little weird.

But who cares about sleeves when you can throw on a jacket? This is what I wore last night, but since I was caught in a downpour, I had to wait for it to dry for these pictures.

I love this top.  While the arm holes are a little funky, I am still a big fan of the pleated neckline.  It just looks sooooo pretty.  That Mena Trott - she's so smart :)

Have a great Sunday, all!!


  1. It looks super chic under the blazer :) It's a beautiful fabric and it's lovely in that pattern - good job!

  2. that outfit is FAB.

    word verificaton: "tridium". This is a totally an element that is needed to repair an interdimensional vehicle of some sort. Possibly by Mr. Scott. Or Dr. Who.

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!

  4. loved your sorbeto versio. did i tell you your Elvis looked amazing???

  5. kudos on your sewing job!!! and great blog! Chicago bloggers unite!!