Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Western or "Cowboys and Aliens"

.... and by "aliens" I mean "UFOs" .... as in "Unfinished Objects".  Get it?! Bah dum chee.  I'm here all week, folks.  Please tip your waitress.

When we moved, I packed some patterns that had already been cut out in fabric.  Some of these have been cut out for three months, some six months.  Either way, they were sitting there taunting me and needed to be gone!

I used the shorts pattern from Simplicity 2659...


...and used Version B of McCall's 5138...

(something about this pattern feels semi-Western to me)

...and voila! Throw on my $5 cowboy boots that I bought at a Payless in Oklahoma, and I am ready to go two-stepping.  It's more of a modern Western outfit ala "small rural town where the citizens outlaw dancing" rather than "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly."

Speaking of dancing, the first song I ever two-stepped to was Brad Paisley's "Ticks."  If you've never heard it, it's hilarious.  

My boots have butterflies on the outside and Dr. Scholl's inserts on the inside.  Yep.  I'm gellin'.

I love the shirt.  I had just enough fabric and there are some pieces that are sewn together rather sketchily.  (Don't look at the collar or the shirt cuffs) The shorts were due to have cuffs ... but there wasn't enough fabric left over.  This outfit is one big scrap pile that I tried to make wearable, and overall, I'm pretty pleased.
I used bias tape on the collar seam for a little variety.

Ah, summer.  How I love thee.


Off to get ready for dinner and to work on my Elvis jumpsuit!
I hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. GREAT outfit! Love that green shirt! perfect for summer!

  2. Meg, the outfit is perfect for summer. The colour of the shirt really goes well with With your hair

  3. Ok, so first off I was really disappointed at the lack of pictures of Daniel Craig... but that's a great outfit! You're totally ready to burst into the town meeting and quote scripture so as to promote that teenaged dancing. Totally!

  4. I second the Daniel Craig disappointment but I am loving the colour of that shirt- it's just the perfect shade.

  5. very nice shirt! oh and boots!!

  6. I love that shirt pattern. It's one of my favorites!

  7. your gellin two steppin outfit is megalicious, but my favorite pic: "Ah, summer. How I love thee."


  8. Did your pants front and pants back pattern pieces fit together well? Im makeing size 8 and they aren't lining up.. :( HELP!

    1. I check out the interior of the shorts, and it's looking like I stitched a line of straight stitching and then notched up to the line of stitching to make them fit better. There were definite fit issues with this pattern! I used the notching method on the side seams and the crotch - let me know if you need me to send you pictures of how I did it!

  9. Did your pants front and pants back pattern pieces fit together well? Im makeing size 8 and they aren't lining up.. :( HELP!