Friday, August 5, 2011

You say it's Oonaballoona's birthday???

Oh HAI! So Queen Oonaballoona is having a rocking party on the interwebs, and you KNOW I was not going to miss this event.  I needed something special and amazing and completely Oona to wear.  Rob agreed on the sheer Oona-ness of my outfit and I just KNEW there had to some fabulousness in my poses as well.

Queen Oona is the authority on fabulousness ... so I whipped up this skirt in her honor.  

Bold colors? Check.  Patterned? Check.  Japanese linen/cotton blend fabric? Check.


This 5/8 yd of fabric I had in my stash that was just waiting for the right moment to come along.  Last night I realized I had absolutely nothing to wear to this gala and I needed to get myself in gear.  Tearing through my minimal fabric stash, I stumbled on this piece.  With awesome Gremlins outlined on it.  And it's pink.  Very Oona, indeed.  

The designer of the fabric is Etsuko Furuya and this is part of the Echino Ni-Co line, I believe.  Or I could be making that up.  Who knows?  It's funky and I like it.  I cut off 3 1/4 inches for a waistband, gathered the rest of the fabric to it, and sewed in a zipper.  Sha BAM. Oonarific. 

I even put up some patterned fabric as my backdrop.  It is paisley, which is also very Oona.  I take my virtual partying very seriously, ya'll.
Well, I couldn't come to this party empty-handed!  I've got my epic outfit...

...but I needed one of my favorite things!

No, seriously, I am bringing Coldplay to this shindig.  Right after I get done with them at Lollapallooza.
  I even boxed them for easy delivery.

I would've brought Paul McCartney, but he was a little tuckered out after I saw him on Monday  - still, he sends his best wishes to Oona.  

(The actual performance from Monday.  My video is not as good since I was at the top of Wrigley Field but I got to see my favorite Beatle so I'm not really complaining.)

Happy Birthday to Oona and all of the fabulous bloggers who are summer babies, too!!  Here's to sliding down the banister of life and the splinters never pointing the wrong way!


  1. Princess Meg The Grand!!! I do believe you are the first fabulous party guest!!! and holy crap, in PINK. GREMLINS?! you haz set the bar. rob was quite right to declare this sexy number oonafied. and making it the night before? ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!! I'm so glad you brought coldplay-- though they do seem to be hitting the bourbon pretty hard... let's keep those boxes handy...

  2. You look FABULOUS! Lovin' that you are bringing the groups to the party--that will be awesome!!! I'm bringing the wine (but you already knew that right??) :)

  3. Oh, hellz yes to the fabu Oona-fied skirt! Awesomeness of awesome, Empress Meg!

  4. Love that skirt, very Oona, but still very Meg :D

  5. I am so totally going to any party wherein Coldplay arrives in individual boxes.

    also, Gremlin Skirt. This is awesomeness.

  6. Hello from another party guest. Great post. I love your already boxed band and that you made a skirt in a day just for the event. I seem to be a slow sewer. But, I'm new at this game, so in time I hope to be able to whip up a birthday skirt (from a stash! Oh, to have a stash!) the night it's needed. Bravo, and happy sewing!

  7. Supercute skirt! And thanks for the Coldplay :o)

  8. Wow, that skirt is fantastic!