Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Voice Inside My Head, I Win. Love, Meg.

So...eight days into this journal project and I am still going strong.  (We'll pretend like I didn't write six of those entries at one time, K? K.)

Yesterday's entry called for me to name my inner critic.  I was being encouraged to talk to myself, and I do that plenty, so I might as well give my inner, petulant self a name.  It only makes sense.

I named my inner critic Hetty King.

It was either that or Rachel Lynde... but I actually know people named Rachel and didn't want to be rejecting them in my head all the time.  It makes for unhealthy real life relationships, I think. 

I decided to try out this whole idea during my run yesterday.  Marathon training has about hit the peak - I run 18 miles on Saturday and 20 miles next Sunday.  Then my runs taper until the marathon.  (OMG IT IS ONE MONTH FROM TOMORROW).  My mid week runs have gotten longer too, which meant I was due to run 9 miles last night ... this after working all day and only sleeping for five hours the night before. As soon as I head to the gym and hop on the treadmill, Hetty kicks in.  "You could be done with this in five minutes if you just hop on the bike over there."  "Is that your knee hurting?" "Why is your toe asleep? Is it asleep? Maybe you should check on that..."  "You need more GU."

To each of these I responded, "Hetty, SHUT UP.  We are FINE."

I was shocked - it actually worked!  It was probably one of the best runs I have had in a really long time.  The voice made me want to go faster, push harder, and I did splendidly.  Treating my inner critic like an unhealthy friendship allowed me to reject my own negativity without talking down to myself. 

Have you ever thought about naming your inner critic??  I highly encourage it! 

Have a fabulous Thursday, all!


  1. ooh, Hetty is a perfect choice! She's far more critical and acidic than Rachel Lynde :) Plus, it must be really satisfying to tell Hetty to cram it! LOL!

  2. I hadn't, but I might now. Just incase it doesn't always work I would like you to know that I think you are amazing! Keep up the inspiring work and good luck with the marathon

  3. I hadn't, but now I'm having fun thinking up names for crabby imaginary bitches. Which is totally fun! Awesome! (Also, you're ability to run, uh more than three feet, is impressive to me).

    word verification: "adbut"... while this sounds like an obscure legal term, I can't help but envisage people walking around with advertisements. On their butts. "Hey, look at her! She has an adbut!"

  4. Definitely want to give that a try! Need to find the right name :-) Thanks Meg!

  5. i LIKE it. very excited to see what beangirl comes up with.

    i'm going with mr. furley from three's company.

  6. Now that's a cool idea! You know what, I'm gonna give that a try. Yes indeed!

  7. Hetty King. What a biotch. (Avonlea was my happy place when I was growing up.)

  8. I love this! Most times it seems like its myself talking down to my self which i KNOW isn't true. And with out sounding conceited I love myself! and thats where it begins. the mean voice for now is my evil twin. She doesn't have the privilege of having a name. but i guess i could call her jerk bird! lol. which makes me laugh and in turn forget why i was being hard on myself in the first place! thanks for this post Meg!