Thursday, September 1, 2011

The most geektastic bedroom of all....

Friends, before I get into my bedroom decorating extravanagaza...

Can we talk about the awesome NEW COLETTE PATTERNS?  My jaw hit my desktop and I might have drooled a little. 

The Jasmine blouse - I ADORE the tied collar.  I think this would look so pretty in a mustard yellow!

The Peony dress is just fabulous.  The cummerbund style belt would be great in a contrasting fabric and it is so flattering!

The only pattern I may pass on is the Clover cigarette pant pattern.  I have enormous calves (I have split my wellies up the back since I began running) and I don't know if a pant in this style would be very flattering.  I may have to wait and see what versions pop up around the interwebs before I commit to making a pair for myself.

My boyfriend's fabulous parents got my a gift card to LL Bean for my birthday.  WOO!  Since we are moving back into our apartment in 4 weeks (OMGYES), I wanted to redecorate our bedroom... which had been looking a little bit bachelor pad (not like the show, but like a single guy who is living on his own and has picked good furniture but the colors are all wrong.  Sorry, Panda).  With this awesome gift card, I picked this comforter cover in Flag Blue.  LL Bean says Flag Blue, but Meg reads it as:


(If you haven't seen Doctor Who, the rest of this post might seem a little boring to you... or you can keep reading to see how insane I am and what I talked Rob into...)

Now, before you get any crazy ideas, I want you to know that we (I) are doing "Classy Tardis Bedroom."  This is how I explained it to our mothers, who were both wondering why I didn't order an awesome Bed in a Bag from JCPenney.  There is nothing wrong with Bed in a Bag, I just want something that reflects us a little more than that.

Now, how does one make a Classy Tardis Bedroom?  Let's start with the walls.

Travel posters!!!

...and of course, artistic portrayals of the Tardis aren't bad either.

Via Pinterest

Some fabulous wall hangings will go on the smaller wall by the bedroom door, and we're planning on photoshopping some of our actual hanging photos of us and friends to include a small Tardis in the background, or a scarf fluttering at the edge of the frame.

 I would love to put this poster, "painted" by the Vincent Van Gogh character, on the largest wall in the room.  Rob and I are going to go over the brush strokes with paint, put it in an ornate frame, and hang it over the bed. 

I am learning how to knit, so if I ever get enough gumption, I might make this as a chair throw...
... and even if I don't ever make it, I am still going to need some pillows!! I don't know how Rob will feel waking up next to the Doctor every morning.  "Hello, Sweetie."

I might make some throw pillows with this awesome Spoonflower fabric...
...and even embroider some, too :)  Though I think cross-stitched pillows with Daleks and Cybermen might be better.  Or a fez.  Fezzes are cool.

We've already got the fabulous K-9 to guard our door...

I've got a whole Pinterest board set up for ideas.  While I WISH I could have furniture painted like the Tardis, someday I might change my mind and want a Gryffindor bedroom (because that was the other option, of course.  Rob did get to choose, y'all!)

There is one thing, though, that will NEVER go in the bedroom.

Thanks for geeking out with me!  I'll be sure to post lots of pictures of the process as we go along :)

Have a fabulous day, all!


  1. Oh wow, your room is gonna be fabulous! and dear lord no, no angels, they scared the crap out of me!

  2. you could never go to sleep....

    love the concept:)

  3. I love your idea. Also you should have joined me in sewing comforters! That's my next big project.

    Also... I'm going to sneak tiny statues of angels into your bedroom when I'm over... just to freak you out.

  4. Oooo.... ahhhh... ooooh... and I-- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK.

    Stone Angels!


    Seriously. Now I won't sleep for at least three days.

    That was just wrong. WRONG.

    (super awesome bedroom.)

  5. Wow amazing idea! That spoonflower fabric is brilliant, and yes, my jaw also dropped when I saw that Jasmine blouse.

    But even that picture of the stone angel is freaking me out - remember, you're not even supposed to have images of them! Must keep looking at the laptop screen...

  6. You. Are. Hilarious. Love your new room, and love LOVE that pretty bow-tie blouse.

  7. Have you seen this? You could actually use the tardis fabric as wallpaper!

  8. If you're serious about the pillows, or maybe if Rob would give in to something else on the pillows, we can make you the silk screen and you could use it on anything! All you need is acrylic paint. Let me know. You can email me images, only they'd have to be 8 1/2" in width.

  9. I love it so much! I would totally have the angels though. And a dalek!