Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Mad for Plaid or "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!"

Friends, the back to school season signals a very important time in the Grand family:


Get out the Terrible Towel, unwrap your Black and Gold jersey from the tissue paper, and prep the cheeseball because it is about to get CRAZAY.  Like, Troy Polamalu crazay.

I wanted to begin the football season in a classy way, so I grabbed Vogue 8280...

... and the 2 fabulous yards of yellow and black plaid...

...and I made a dress fit for a preseason opener.

The skirt is shorter than the pattern called for, but I decided to risk that in order to match the plaid as best I could.  Since I have yet to work with plaid this year (or ever), I'm rather pleased with my efforts.  The front turned out better than the back, but I expect that's due to taking it in several inches on the side.

The fabric by the bottom of my zipper bubbles a bit, but if pretend I'm backing up like a school bus, you can't really tell.  I'm going to walk around like this all the time.

I decided to go with the sweetheart neckline instead of the straight neckline, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise when my pasta splattered and hit right about the V.  WINNING.

You can see my plaid matching efforts here.  The flanges needed to be tacked to the neckline, and actually over a little further than was called for, causing a pleated effect on the side.  I'm comfortable with the way it looks since it was an easy way to reduce the gap in the front.

I flat lined the dress with some pale yellow cotton and it worked out really well. It's less sheer now, which means I will definitely be wearing it more often.  I think it might be a great office dress with a snazzy black jacket and some Steeler earrings (why be subtle? The Bears and Steelers don't play this year). The only thing I would change would be the white zipper in the back.  It was the only one I had on hand that was long enough, so I figured I could live with it.  While I probably won't change it, I would rather it was black or yellow.

 We got to hang out with Rob's family today - uber awesome! I hope you are all having a fabulous Labor Day weekend where you are!!

Little known fact: I wrote a presentation about the Steelers for a Communications class in college and also  performed a piece on the Steelers for a Theatre Class...
Obsessed? Moi??


  1. Cute! I'm a football nut, too, and I love the idea of having game day attire that isn't a little boy's jersey! Sadly, I can't get behind your team colors as I'm a diehard Bears fan, but I love the idea (and who doesn't love Troy Polamalu??)! ;)

  2. ruggy is beside himself.

    as for me: back it up like a schoolbus!!! AW YEAHZ!

  3. Awesome!!! I want it!!!!! That neckline is fabulous on you, IMO you should make more things with sweetheart necklines. Yes indeed.

  4. Sorry I just don't get the football thing BUT that dress is fantastic!! Also thankyou so much my winning parcel arrived in the post this week, the fabric is so cute and all the extras I will use at the community quilt project I am working on in my village.
    Thanks Meg! x x x x

  5. YIPPPEEEE! YAY for plaid and this looks fantastic! I haven't a clue about football but I am assuming from your post that the Steelers are the best team on the planet--which is what I will adopt as my mantra from now on :)

  6. They should be using you in a promo! That dress lends itself really well to plaid and yellow and black plaid? So awesome! How long did it take you to make?

  7. Hellz yah!! Love your snazzy Steelers dress!!! Super fun! We're a Notre Dame family and are busting out the blue and gold (despite losing yesterday - boo!)

  8. You must be the classiest supporter at the football matches!

  9. Vogue 8280 has been on my list of patterns to purchase for a very long time. I love that you've managed to both meet a Sew Weekly challenge and make a fabulous preseason dress. Now, go back it up like a school bus!

  10. I love dress!! But as I am a native Clevelander I cannot support the colors you are choosing... hehe.

  11. I love this pattern, but I can honestly say that I never pictured it as a supportersoutfit! Looks great, and I love the sharp contrast of the yellow and black.