Friday, September 9, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: To Dye For or "The Doodles Dress"

This might just be my most favorite creation ever.

I've been holding onto this fabric for about a year now, ever since my lovely friend Juliet sent it to me.  I was searching for the right pattern when I came across Simplicity 2219 during a Hancock Fabrics $1 Simplicity Pattern sale.  Yes, please!!!

Almost from the moment I started sewing this, I envisioned myself strutting off the plane in New York in my black boots and big 'ol sunglasses.   Knit fabrics + not being all wrinkletastic on the plane = winning.

My favorite part of the whole dress, without a doubt, is the front bodice.  For this challenge, I knew I wanted to paint on fabric since dyeing clothes still scares me a little.  I cut out all the bodice pieces and painted on the front full bodice piece.  I just doodled until I liked it and considered it "done."  Once the paint dried, I stitched the bodice together.  My high school notebooks are filled with doodles like this - I like unpredictable curves and dots.

The side bodice pieces are gathered where they meet the front and back bodices.  I love the extra bit of detail this adds to the dress and how it draws the eye back to the doodles. 

I'm also a big fan of not hemming things.  I didn't hem the skirt or the sleeves and the fabric is not fraying at all!  Yay!

The skirt is gathered both in the center of the front and the back.  A strip of 1/4 inch elastic is encased where the bodice and skirt meet, making for a snug fit that required no zippers or buttons.

This is not a picture of the ceiling falling on me.  It's me doing my version of the "Party Girl" move from my cardio dance class.  From the look of it, I am partying hard!

I also got my hair cut.  I am so glad to have actual bangs again!  (My head also feels 18x lighter than before.  I am sure this will knock a full minute off my running pace.)

I absolutely love the end result of this project!  When I was little, puffy paint was all the rage and I was worried that this project might reflect my younger obsession with the stuff.  Instead, it has fueled a grown obsession with fabric paint ... it may start sneaking into more projects soon...

Have you ever used fabric paint?  Or the epic puffy paint?  Let me know - I'd love to hear how you used the stuff!!

Have a fabulous weekend, all!


  1. I love this dress! I also love your hair! Love love love love!

  2. this dress is fun fun fun... I never used fabric paint and its thinking of consedering once im feeling 100%... I will have lots of challenges to catch up ! Great photos too...

  3. LOVE to paint on fabric. If you do stenciling, it takes amazingly little paint. Then press it, to set the paint. Use dimensional paint to dot on details later. Very sweet pink dress, by the way. It suits you.

  4. Oh my god I remember the crazy puffy paint, it came in all sorts of neon colours and I think my sister used it on some white pumps. It looked awesome at first then it started to peel off and look all weird. Am loving the dress, it looks dressy and comfy at the same time, the doodles are fantastic, really fab touch to the dress :)

  5. LUUUURVE this dress, Megtastic! Awesome job!! And yes, I have used and loved puffy paint - tres cool!

  6. just noticed it matches the swirls on the background of your blog. :)

  7. That is the cutest dress! I LOVED puffy paint as a kid. My mum still has the wall hanging I made her in 3rd grade with it. If I remember correctly it had my name all over it.

    Nice work!

  8. I am SOOO glad you were able to use that fabric! You did an amazing job and I love the front "doodles". Really makes this dress unique and show your personality! Again, I am impressed and also glad to be of assistance to your creations!!!

  9. YES MEG!!! don those sunglasses! the dress and 'do demand them!

    you look fabulous. i love a girl who knows how to dress on a plane. and your bodice looks like a designer print!

  10. Those swirls look so happy against the hot pink background. Awesome way to fulfill the challenge.

  11. I might be biased because your dress is my favorite shade of pink, but it is absolutely fabulous! The painted doodles are a really nice touch! Awesome job! (And your new haircut is super cute too!)