Friday, October 7, 2011

...And The Adventure Comes To An End: The Pink Travelling Dress

Eventually, I had to come back to Chicago. 

Here is my dress for the Think Pink Sew Weekly Challenge: Vogue 8489 with my lovely Juliet fabrics.  The dark pink is some scrappage from the Doodles dress, and this fabulous paisley knit has been patiently waiting in my stash for some love.

I have a lovely backdrop.

Ah, moving... could there be a better way to convince people to throw things away? I think not.

Pardon the hair and the face - we had just arrived back from C-Land, and I was looking for items that I might need to survive the first few weeks of camping.

 The paisley/flower print is a bit sheer, so I am wearing a slip underneath... but in order for the lace on the slip not to show through the neckline, I need to wear my vintage slip tube top.  Which is pale pink.  Winning.

I search frantically for my fabric and patterns! NOOOOOOO!

There are no fastenings on this dress, but I had to keep taking it in on the back seam to make sure it fit properly and there wasn't bagginess all around.  It is taken in enough to make me feel like a circus performer when putting it on and taking it off.  Voila!  Meg appears.

Close up of the fabrics and tube top.  I love the different shades of pink and the way the dress flows when I walk.  It is incredibly comfortable!  The hem is sketchy at best, which I can live with.  Because it flows so greatly when I move, the hem doesn't lay still enough to attract attention. 

This pattern was a breeze to put together.  I am already plotting what version to make next, possibly with some of the fabulous prints I bought in NYC...

but before I can do that, there is a great deal of unpacking to be done. Hellooooo, weekend!

Have a great Friday, all! And enjoy the sunshine if you've got it!


  1. Wow, really great fabric! If that dress was in a store I would totally buy it. Now I need to go buy the pattern. It would work very well with my NYC knits I bought.

  2. I love this dress! I thought about buying this pattern... I might have to steal yours!

  3. I LOVE this dress! I really need to learn how to sew w/ knits. And I totally hear you on throwing stuff away when you move - it's a good thing :)

  4. yay! I'm so glad to finally see fabrics that have been sitting in my stash for YEARS finally get used and turned into something wonderful! Your dress looks comfy and wonderful. Great job, yet again :)

  5. Your posts always make me smille. Great fabric, great enegry ! My friend you are a sewing force in the bloggphere !!!

  6. that dress looks really really lovely!