Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sew Weekly Challenge: Halloween or "Look at me! I'm the King of New York!"

Well, my choice of Halloween costume was made easier by the addition of my constant accessory: Crutches.  So, with that in mind, I had two choices: Tiny Tim or Crutchy from Newsies.  Seeing as I am not comfortable running around saying "God Bless Us, Everyone" and waving my crutch around, Crutchy became my obvious choice.  Besides, I can easily imagine a young Christian Bale putting his arm around me affectionately.

I wanted a vest and I wanted knickers (I wear knickers now because knickers are cool).  I used the Simplicity 2556 Vest Pattern (loved it - highly recommend) and Diana Rupp's Sew Everything Knockout Knickers Pattern for inspiration.

I also had a desire to make this a completely refashioned outfit because my new and spiffy fabric closet is already overflowing.  Oy.  I started with this suit jacket that Rob was going to donate.

It was, however, in less than ideal shape.  It had been left on a windowsill and the sleeves and back right shoulder were greatly discolored.

This was going to be my main fabric for the vest.  I was able to lay out all the vest pieces on the shell fabric, and even got some of the pieces cut on the fold out of sleeve fabric.

The knickers were going to be made out of a pair of suit pants I had gotten less than a year ago.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of tucking the left pant leg inside of a knee high boot and the fabric was destroyed.  I ended up cutting off the bottom of the pant leg, cutting out the cuff pattern from the leftover fabric, sewing the cuff on and polished it off with button and buttonhole closure.

I finished the outfit as I was walking out the door to go a costume party.  I can honestly say I have never made buttonholes so quickly.

The full outfit.  My vest made out of the suit jacket and knickers made from the suit pants.  The shirt was an old shirt - I removed the pocket with the monogrammed initials and voila!  A long sleeve button down for moi.  I'm wearing tights under the knickers in this picture because it was a little chilly and I'm not able to wear a coat and use crutches.

I spent the night chatting with my lovely friend, Becky from Becky and the Beanstalk ... who was dressed as the awesome Amy Pond... and who mysteriously appeared with a police baton.

Mystery solved.  AMY POND HAS GONE ROGUE, Y'ALL.

Close up of the fabric... note to self: Remember to check what kind of fabric you are working with before you start cutting.  I assumed, silly me, that I was working with wool... oh no, it was 100% silk and it started unraveling as soon as I started cutting.  Making this vest was a complete adventure after that.  

I finished every seam just to keep the pieces from falling apart.  Even with all that effort, I still developed a huge hole at Becky's... thank goodness I was in the home of a seamstress and was able to repair right away.  Whew!  Crisis averted.
The lining pockets and most of the outside pockets were kept in tact and used in the vest. 

Making the knickers was a snap compared to the vest.  I know that they will need to be worn with heels and a fabulous shirt in the near future.

"Look at me!  Ain't I pretty?  It's my city - I'm the King of New York."

Since Halloween is tomorrow, Happy Halloween, Friends! And enjoy the fabulous day after candy sales if you can :)


  1. Crutchy! That's a great idea for a costume and a great re-fashion! You're so good at those.

    I saw Newsies at a (sold out!) midnight showing in NYC a couple of years ago with a friend, so much fun! Funny but I started singing "King of New York" after reading your post and my friend started dancing and then said she needs to work out more. So she doesn't realize she has you to thank for finally getting herself to the gym tomorrow after procrastinating for weeks ;)

  2. I love that you were Crutchy! I was reminiscing with a friend about how awesome Newsie's in and giving my hubby a hard time for not appreciating the amazingness of it. And a young Christian Bale? Whew! Those were the days. Great costume. I love how it turned out!

  3. You always come up with the clever ideas... Xx

  4. So wonderful! I acknowledge that I do not know what this character is ... I live in another country, but your recreation is superb. So much fun!

  5. thanks, meg, now i am going to be singing, "suddenly, i'm respectable, staring right atcha, lousy with stach-a" for the rest of the MONTH.

    happy halloween!


    and there i be, ain't i pretty, it's my city...

  6. Ah! 'Newsies'! I reference 'Newsies' and 'Willow' on a regular basis and it goes over people's heads on a regular basis. Thank you dear Meg for confirming that it's totally not weird to think of 'Newsies' from time to time...or dress up like a cast member.

    You make a cute Crutchy! And thank you for not dressing up like a whore on Halloween! :)