Monday, November 21, 2011

30DoC: Unconventional Sweater/Skirt

Friends, I hate being cold.  Seriously.  I have sheets that feel like they have been made out of teddy bears.  I decided to make something that was going to keep me toasty through the winter months.

I took a large sweater, cut off the sleeves and folded some of the excess over to make a waistband.  I threw some tights on underneath for optimal warmth.

Like my snazzy slippers?  Ms. Star and Ms. Moon and they are super warm.  These are also the best slippers to wear when flying across the floor at top speed.

Friends, do you use sweaters as a craft material?  Let me know how you've used them in the past because I definitely have more of these in my stash! 


  1. this is fab fab fab, I love jumpers, they tend to be worn to death so now life left to refashion! Although I do know that if you have ever made a rag rug the old fashion method is to wash jumpers at a high heat to felt them and then cut into strips to hook through.

  2. How lovely! I've seen quite a few thick knit skirts in the shops, and I'm on the lookout for the right sweater to make one for myself, too!

    Desigual has some refashioned looking dresses with jersey longsleeves for the bodice and cable knit jumpers for the skirt part, which I think are rather cute. I've also seen a very cool jumper-to-tote refashion (should be on my Pinterest somewhere), jumper-sleeve-to-legwarmer refashions (by Patty the Snug Bug) and a quilt made from knit sweaters...

  3. Oh, that is fab! And look at your cute booty (said in a non-creepy weird way)! The slippers? Awesome!