Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Great Aunt Refashions: Tee Shirt Tutorial

Friends, on my most recent trip home for the holidays, I was alerted to the presence of a bag sitting in the bottom of my old bedroom closet.  I opened the bag to find some fabulous items of clothing that all needed a little bit of love.  Apparently, my great aunt was doing some closet cleaning and Mama Grand thought I might be able to use the clothes for something.  Oh yes...*maniacally rubs hands together*

In the bag was this fabulous striped tee!  It originally had some spots on the front in the yellow area.

Want to see how I fixed it so those spots never show?

It's tutorial time!

To start, I assessed the damage.  I could only find two spots on the shirt that needed to be addressed, and one was directly in front on the yellow stripe. After checking for spots on the back of the shirt and finding it clean, I decided to flip this shirt around.

First, I moved the shirt around on Emma, making the original front the new back.  I then traced my neckline (using a handy compass - much more useful for sewing than math, I say) down to the spot.

Here is the original back prepped to be the new front.  I've removed the sleeves and pinned in the side seams.  I like my t-shirts fitted, which works well with the scoop back.  Less gappage = less bra showing. 

I drew the front neckline free-hand, making sure to to draw around the original neckline and tags.

Next: Cut out your necklines.  Please do not cut the neckline while you are wearing you shirt as this might be awkward and slightly dangerous.

The new front neckline:

The new back:

Next, I took the bottom of an old white t-shirt and cut one long continuous strip to use as trim around the neckline.  I machine stitched the trim to the right side of the fabric before hand stitching it closed on the wrong side.  I prefer not to have my stitches show (because it tends to get sketchy when I machine stitch), but if you prefer using a sewing machine, I say go for it!


Repeat the trim process on the sleeves.

Voila!  A fabulous new top that is stain free until you eat your first meal that involves sauce.

Have a fantastic Saturday, all!!


  1. Fan-flippin'-tastic, Meg!! <3

  2. That's an amazing refashion! I would not believe it was made from that t-shirt if you didn't have the pictures to prove it. Hat's off to you, you're fantastic!

  3. Love, love, love your beChamel! Wonderful top - I am so jelous :*)

  4. Awesomeness! Reminds me of that refashion blog New Dress A Day though I haven't checked that one out in awhile.

    Word verification is "redney" - perfect one for this blog!

  5. Oh my gah, this is so cute! A perfect refashion!

  6. Great idea! Thanks for the tute, now I am off to find a suitable Tee to try my hand at a "Grand Design".

  7. Awesome refashion! The result is sooo cute! Thanks for the in-process photos.

  8. I love your refashions, just brilliant!

  9. You made it into such a cute t-shirt!

  10. So adorable! You must look at Goodwill with such different eyes than I do - I would NEVER have thought the original shirt could turn into something so decidedly wearable. Nicely done, friend!

  11. Oh man, I love it. Those stripes are so awesome and I love scoop backs!

  12. how have i missed your updates? FRIGGING BLOGGER READER.

    such a cool redo. i love flipping my stuff backwards when it's not working, never thought to do it on refashions.

  13. Hurray for your aunt for hanging on to that top, and hurray for you for refashioning it into such a lovely garment. I would long ago have chopped it up into rug yarn to make a highly-absorbent bath mat. Your solution is better.