Friday, January 27, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, my darling friends!

The oh-so-lovely Christine from What's Up, Cupcake?  asked me to stop by for a little chat.

How could I refuse?  She is a total kindred spirit!  Make sure you check out her fabulous featured spot on the Sew Weekly!!

Links I am loving today:

I am going to make so many of these - a fantastic way to use up scraps!

I think this might be one of my favorite articles that Peter has ever written.

This couch - WOW.

Sally's article on tights is perfect for all Midwesterners who don't want to give up skirts and dresses during winter.

This dress - it's amazing.

I've started embroidering.  I completely blame Donna and Lee for making it look so enticing.

I keep this article near my desk at work - it's been helping with the nail biting resolution.

And finally...

We have a big problem: Vogue Patterns released their 2012 designs, and my wallet looked at me in a panic.

Vogue 1296 was the first thing I saw in my inbox when I got up this morning.  This image prompted me to get out of bed and rush to my computer for a closer look.  That neckline is a beauty!  I'm not much for peplums, but wow, I would totally love to make this and wear it everywhere.

Vogue 1285 is a beauty.  A simple dress with clean, classic lines and this fabulous little addition : "Lining forms attached slip with shoulder and lingerie straps." I would need to make the hem a bit longer, but mock wrap dresses go pretty far in my closet.

I only have one issue with Vogue 1281: You never see a picture of the dress on the model while she is just facing forward and standing still.  You get the best idea of this dress from the detail sketch below the images. With that said, it's a beautiful dress.  The description: "Dress has no side seams, very close-fitting, lined bodice, single-layer, pleated shoulder strap looped through front pleated drape, front wrap skirt cut-in-one with back, raised waist, and invisible back zipper." That sounds complicated ... I like it!

While we already have a mock wrap dress above, the collection does include an actual wrap dress: Vogue 8784. This pattern includes two options for the skirt: an A-line and a semi-fitted pleated skirt.  I don't recall seeing many wrap dress patterns that have included a semi-fitted option, but I am all for this choice - it would definitely add to the corporate wardrobe I have assembled in my closet.

Vogue 1282 is a top/skirt combo, with some lovely draping details on the top.  I love the skirt - it seems to emphasize curves and has one scandalous slit.  It's on the maybe list, as there might not be enough occasions to wear this, but I still love the idea of it.

Vogue 1280 is pretty fabulous in terms of construction.  Look at those bands of fabric!  Shoulder straps, insets, AND overlapped seam detail.  Tres chic, y'all. 

I love this blouse, Vogue 8790.  I would make this with all the leftover spandex from my Little Mermaid running costume.  It would be totally amazing and shiny.

Onto the Vintage Vogue patterns:  I found it slightly disappointing that they did not include the artist renderings of the original designs, but that's just me. 

Vogue 8788 is a back wrap dress (my, we have so many different varieties of wrap dresses here - I LOVE IT) and reminds me of the Butterick 4790.  What do you think?

The other Vintage Vogue pattern is Vogue 8789.  It's a lovely dress in this print, and I love the contrast cummerbund, but doesn't it seem a little ... simple (construction wise)? I guess when I see a Vogue pattern, I automatically assume there is going to be some degree of hair pulling, and this looks deceptively easy.  I almost want to try just to confirm my suspicions.

Friends, what are your thoughts on the new Vogue patterns?  Love them, hate them?  Boil 'em, mash 'em, put 'em in a stew?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!!



  1. Thanks for the shout out! And yes, the Vogue photos are always... interesting - but I'm loving some of those dresses! Of course I had my cart filled up online last night when they were on sale... and today they're full price! Garrr!!! I'm checking out the other links that you posted. Thanks for the fun Friday post!

  2. Aww thanks for pointing out my dress! I don't usually follow new pattern releases, seeing as I have plenty waiting for me already, but that deceptively simple Vintage Vogue 8789 concerns me -- both because I might have to go out and get it, and because I'm already concerned that I won't be able to get my stripes to make a perfect chevron in the middle. I think that's plenty of hair-pulling right there!

  3. And I'm opening up the Vogue website as I'm typing :) That is a gorgeous embroidered shirt; I totally need to incorporate it into clothing!

  4. the vogue 8789 is so hard! I'm trying to working on it as we speak and I feel like ripping the dress apart. But I will persevere!