Friday, January 13, 2012

Sew Weekly Challenge: Accessorize or "The Tardis Taffy"

Friends, it should come as no surprise that I chose Doctor Who as my inspiration for the first official challenge of the year.  I mean, I have the shoes, I'm making my bedroom into a spaceship, and my hand is still cramped from making the scarf

Not too long ago, I had some fabulous Tardis jewelry come into my possession via The Sisters Ruehl Etsy Shop.  I grabbed the necklace first, but then *gasp* there were earrings, too!  Now I just needed an outfit.  Enter this challenge + the Colette Sewing Handbook...

and a shooty dog thing.

 I made this fabulous Taffy with some polyester that I have been keeping in my stash for what seems like forever.  I only had large scraps to work with, but I was determined because this fabric is AWESOME.

I'm in love with the sheer portions of this shirt.  I didn't cut the shirt on the bias just so I could have the sheer stripes running vertically.  I love the way these appear on the curve of the sleeve. 

Making this shirt was a breeze aside from hand sewing the trim onto the sleeve edge.  I chose to hand sew because my machine tends to eat edges and I really wanted my stitching to be hidden.
The back was pieced together from two sheer portions of the shirt.  I'm so glad I kept this tan tank top!

I did have some issues sewing through the polyester - it seemed to resist every single machine needle.  My French seams are a mess but they are FRENCH SEAMS.  I was so excited to finally learn this skill!   Once I got the hang of it, it was a total piece of cake.  French seams will be making regular appearances on my garments from here on out.
Here's a picture of me waiting for that silly Doctor to show up.  He's late per usual... which might be a good thing this time because OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BOTTOM OF MY SKIRT?!

It appears the seam binding I used from my stash bled through and stained my fabric.  Once I came to grips with this fact, I trucked myself up to the local Hancock Fabrics (and by local I mean it takes an hour to get there on the Red Line) to buy black dye.  Black dye covers all manner of sins, right?  Imagine my shock when Hancock Fabrics was out of black dye.  FAIL.  I'll never make that trip again.

It only leads me to wonder how long the skirt has looked like this and I haven't noticed.  Obviously I still didn't notice when these pictures were taken ... but I found out shortly after.  Oy.

A close up of my jewelry.  Isn't it fab?  Now I just need a mini Matt Smith or David Tennant to come running out of it.  I wonder where I could buy one of those...

And finally, a video for all of you of me and my pup :)

Have a fantastic day, all!  And I'm so glad I'm not the only Doctor Who (or Downton Abbey) fan out there!


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  2. Could not have been a better choice... Totally awesome

  3. Utterly fantastic, Meg! This is a triumph and so perfectly you!

    Try WalMart for RIT dye. They carry a rainbow of colours and are always in stock. :)

  4. I love this shirt! Also, I want to get Zoey and K9 together to see what happens...

  5. This is AMAZING! You just cannot beat a bit of Doctor Who inspired clothing now can you? I'm going to have to get me a pair of those earrings...

  6. Love that shirt, awesome! I hate finding stains like that, wondering how long it's been like that. Dye seems like a good solution; I have several shirts waiting to be rescued.

  7. This is the best pattern in the Colette book , I think. I love your version and very cute accessories too!

  8. that blouse is adorable... but not as adorable as your little K9. That's just annoyingly adorable.

  9. That blue color is stunning! I love how you positioned the sheer/opaque panels. The whole outfit is really, really pretty.
    I think I need to buy the Handbook, if only for this pattern (I found the rest not particularly enthralling, I know, shame on me). I also need to get myself hooked on Dr. Who.

  10. Saw you at the Sew Weekly... I think I need to follow this blog now. Because the fact that you have TARDIS jewelry and a K-9 makes you awesome!

  11. I love DW and Downton! (I have to admit I found the christmas espisode online -- no spoilers, but it was WONDERFUL - still working my way through the second series with PBS...)

    I am most envious of your tardis collection, and that blue is simply stunning on you.

  12. Lovely jewellery! And the blouse is wonderful, great fabric placement!

  13. Oh my goodness! What a fantastic outfit - you look lovely in it and it's witty too! I found your blog via Sew Weekly and the blog of someone who makes an Dr Who hommage outfit like this is definitely a blog I want to follow! :-)

  14. do the people in your building think you're crazy sauce?

    this is now my favorite taffy ever. LOVE the mix of fabrics!

  15. I love how the shirt turned out! you did a fabulous job. I'm thinking Dr Who right now :D