Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sew Weekly Challenge: Celebration or "The New Year's Eve Dress"

It was a top night, y'all.

I'll start with the normal pictures, because it only gets crazier from here...

This dress is New Look 6723 (view B), created using navy Fashionaire lining fabric and cream lace from my stash.  I cut out the lace using the pattern pieces and then flat-lined it to each navy base piece before sewing it all together.  I had enough of the navy fabric left to use it as actual lining material.  The navy fabric belt is from a button down shirt I wear regularly for work. 

A close up of the lace.  It did not fray nearly as much as I expected, which was a pleasant surprise as the night progressed.

Early in the night, I went from heels to sneakers.  And by sneakers, I mean HAND PAINTED DOCTOR WHO SHOES.

My best friend, Steph, made me these awesome shoes for Christmas.  I about lost my mind, y'all.  I wish the picture wasn't so blurry because they are EPIC.  


Since I was already wearing a Doctor Who apron and shoes, I grabbed K-9 for an impromptu picture.
 I may or may not have had an entire bottle of wine by myself at this point.

My bestie, Steph, also likes to Instagram things.  So I stole some of her photos.  

This picture made me realize just how much I like boat necklines.  I think I will definitely be incorporating these more in 2012.
 This is my cream cheese for my Skyline dip. Mine

These are my fabulous Chicago ladies, and we all went to college together. One by one, we each migrated to this amazing city.  This is one of my absolute favorite pictures ever.

I love events like New Year's because people dress up, drink a lot, and take lots of pictures. There is also a lot of hugging.  As I am a very huggy person, New Year's is one of my favorite holidays.

 An exact representation of my outfit for the whole night.  I wore slippers the whole time.  My place, my rules. 

I've got a little Captain in me.

As this is our third year of hosting a New Year's party, the tradition has developed that at some point during the night, we will all end up in the bathtub for pictures.  We are all holding Carbon Crusader pencils with mustaches attached.

Eventually I took off the dress because the lace was rubbing my underarms raw... but this was after eight hours of wearing it, so...

I put on my onesie pajamas.  With orange and pink swirls.  And monkeys.

Friends, I hope you had an amazing New Year's wherever you are, and here's to 2012 and all it brings!


  1. I, too, am in love with boat necklines! They are quite flattering and you don't have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. Also, I use New Look 6723 all the time and I always forget to lower the armscye, and then I always end up being slightly annoyed by it at the end of the day, and that's not even with lace.

  2. Dr Who shoes? Awesome!

    That bathtub photo is hilarious.

  3. oh my god i hate you so much. and by hate i mean adore completely.

    (can i join your bathtub friends?)

  4. Gah! I'm with Oona - I want to be part of the bathtub crew, too. Does it help that I'm a huggy person, too?

    Adore the Dr. Who shoes!!!!! I need some Harry Potter ones :)

    Happy New Year, Megtastic!!!

  5. OMG. Shoes.

    mkay, so at some point in reading this post my dyslexia kicked in and caused me to see the word "Lithuanian".

    I still can't figure out where or why. But I will now inexorably associate your boatnecks with Lithuania.

    I still think the boatnecks are a good idea.


  7. Meg - every time I read one of your posts I'm grinning from ear to ear. You have to be the most fun person on the planet - love the beautiful dress, the Tardis shoes (!!!) and all the lovely photos! Happy New Year!

  8. a very literal Doctor Who video. Just trust me on this one. :)


  9. Happy new year my friend.. I got fatal envy on those Doctor Who shoes .. and an apron.. fab! Needless to say the dress was stunning. xx

  10. You're life looks so fun!

    If I ever move to Chicago can we be friends? Pleeeeeeease?!?! : )