Monday, February 6, 2012

Sew Weekly Challenge: Down Under or "The Rollicking, Frolicking, All Around Good Time Dress"

Friends, it has been chilly here.  I mean, it's still above zero degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill, so really, I cannot complain... but it's still too chilly for my summery red dress.  (The weird faces are me trying to make Rob catch the clouds of air coming out of my mouth.  As you can tell, it didn't work and I look rather like a large mouth bass... or the muppet named Janice.)

The full post is over at the Sew Weekly, but there were many photos that weren't included there, including this one of me trying to cover as much of myself as possible while laughing at the enormously fat pigeons perched on the park wall.  I had thought they were chickens at first, but then I realized that chickens cannot fly and I doubted that someone put them in the building's park or I was seeing a miracle of nature. 

I love the print of this fabric.  The little yellow, blue, and white flowers really say summer to me, and I wanted to emphasize my longing for sunshine by adding a little yellow embroidery to the neckline.

Lots of frolicking happened during the photo shoot.  Don't be fooled - it was all to generate warmth.

I love the silhouette of the dress, though I'm wishing I had made the hem a bit longer.  Right now, it feels like it is a good length for day time activities, but maybe not for a more-than-casual nighttime outing.

Off and running, folks.  Many photos taken were of me fleeing to a new photo location in order to speed this process along. 

Hole jumping.  Heels are just awkward in grass.

I love nature, especially when it blocks the wind.  Oh hi, Navy Pier! 

Target in sight.  We are pursuing.

The final pose I tried out, because after holding onto metal bars, I was thoroughly finished and frozen.  Popsicles in red dresses are not sexy.  This is a fact.

Friends, are you sewing for the warmer weather??  I feel like everything I have made recently would be better used during summer, but I cannot deny my desire for sunshine and humidity.  How are you coping with the chill in the air??

Have a fantastic day, my friends!!


  1. Get inside quick, you are crazy! That being said, this series of photos crack me up. Especially the target in sight one. You are hilarious!!!

  2. heheheh why we did this crazy challenge lol

  3. You know, if you didn't tell me, I'd have no idea it was that cold outside! Way to brave the elements for the sake of your fabulous dress!

  4. I'm not coping with the cold, I'm complaining about it copiously. Yay, alliteration.
    As a matter of fact, I'm sick as well. Curse you winter! Since I will be moving to very preppy CT for my apprenticeship and can bike and walk to work I am planning all sorts of cute spring/summer sewing. I'm thinking nautical, polka dots, stripes, ice cream pastels and rockabilly prints.
    Back to your post, I assumed your pattern was vintage! It looks so awesomely late '60s early '70s with its fit n' flare silhouette. I am enjoying it immensely.

  5. Haha love the frolicking! So cute! And I love the dress!

  6. I love, love your pretty red dress!

  7. Are you okay? Your arms and legs look purple in some of these shots -- could be a precursor to frostbite. Tones nicely with the lovely red dress, though.

  8. Oh, what a cute dress! I'm totally in awe of your cold weather photos. We're having similar temperatures (hovering around zero Fahrenheit if you include windchill) and I can't imagine taking off my down coat and scarf for even a minute!

  9. lets hope the warmth of the sun reaches you soon so you can wear that dress everyday, I love it!!

  10. i'm cold just looking at you--but at least i am also excited about your red dress. is that a win/win?