Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sew Weekly Challenge: Red or "The Polka Dot Potluck Dress"

Friends, I love this dress. Love love love.  There is a certain amount of comfort that comes with wearing things made with jersey material, and I am addicted to this sense of comfort.  I also become very dramatic because I am able to move in my clothes.

We hosted a potluck for our Valentine's Day celebration, and the food was exquisite.  I made a pasta recipe with whole wheat pasta, sauteed some grapes and apples, and added some roasted walnuts and cheese on the side (all my friends with food allergies were able to eat - huzzah!).

Becky and the Beanstalk made this DELICIOUS cake.  Seriously.  I took part of it for my lunch the next day and was the envy of everyone in the office.

For months, we've been waiting ever so (im)patiently for our remodel to be done.  They finished everything last week, seven months after they had started.  Here is a good shot of our new kitchen:

Rob made Valentine cards.  There was a Whitney Houston one.  I won't even begin to tell you what it said.

My awesome friend, Mina, has become my official photographer for any events I host.  She is super lovely and gives great hugs.

A Valentine's tradition: signing and giving children's Valentines to other partygoers.  The Jonas Brothers were a big hit, as were the Batman ones.  We also gave out party favors from the Dollar Store.  There were wigs, plastic recorders, and giant yo-yos for all.

Becky is adorable.  This is a fact.  She's also a really great fabric shopping buddy because she wants to buy everything as much as I do.

My most perfect Valentine.

Ok: back to the dress: like I said before, it's insanely comfortable.  With the amount of food that was being prepared and passed around, it was great being in a dress that didn't confine my movements.  I cook like an octopus - my hands are everywhere.

One of my main worries about this dress was the gathering on the bodice.  It all tends to migrate towards the center of my chest and disappear.  I have to keep fluffing it so it spreads out evenly, but other than that, I have absolutely no complaints! 

 Friends, thank you for stopping by my lovely little gathering.  I was once a hater of Valentine's Day ...

but Rob is working on changing that :)

Have a fantastic day, all!

PS. Thank you all for your suggestions about what color to dye the swing dress - I'm torn between forest green and fuschia and teal .... so we will see what dyes JoAnn's has in stock!  That may end up being the deciding factor...

PPS Thanks to my lovely friends Mina and Stephy for their photos that they allowed me to use in this post :)


  1. Batman valentines, how awesome! I love your dress, it combines three of my absolute favorite things: jersey, red and polka dots! It looks great on you! Also, I'm slightly envious of your new kitchen. I've always wanted an open one with a bar thingy! :) You and your man look very adorable. Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. That looks gorgeous -- by which I mean: the dress, the kitchen and you. The whole party looks like a blast. :) And because I don't entirely trust the comment and reply thing in blogger, for the sock monkey slippers you asked about: and nora&MT=broad&LID=22p7274259&KID=3485a96b-d494-daa9-42b8-0000143a59c9 I got them at Target years ago, and they don't seem to have the exact same thing anymore, but there are similar options by the same people.

  3. such fantastic day ! and red pokadot ohh big crush !!!!

  4. I've always found Joann's selections of dyes to be lacking. Blick Art Supply actually carries a pretty wide array of I-Dye which is a breeze to use. I shop the one on State Street, which I think would be near-ish to you. The only downside is they always seem to run out of their stock of forest green.

  5. Fun party and beautiful new kitchen! I think celebrating with friends on V-Day is the way to go :) And of course, beautiful new polka-dot dress - that's definitely in the WIN category!

  6. WONDERFUL! Is it ok to say I want to live nextdoor to you or am I turning into a stalker?? OK it's the kitchen and your house, it is amazing! A fab dress and party.

  7. Sounds like an awesome Valentine's day! I gave my Dad a kids' one this year and he loved it. The dress is lovely! If you want to fix the gathering problem you need to line the back of the gathers with an ungathered piece :)

  8. Super beautiful! I found your blog through house of pinheiro and I'm following it.. you have awesome skills! :)