Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sew Weekly Challenge: UFO or the "I Match the Bathroom" Dress

Friends, this is probably my shortest post ever.  Probably because it deals with something "meh." The more I think about my failed Swing Dress (full post here), the more I am just disappointed by it.  It's sitting in my closet, completely unloved.  

So, thanks to the fabulous encouragement of all the lovelies on the Sew Weekly site, I've decided to dye it.  I'm pretty sure that since the fabric is so lightly colored my options for dyes become more numerous, but I'm going to need some help with this.  Darling friends, what color should I pick??

Your suggestions would be oh-so-greatly appreciated!!

Have a fantastic day, all!


  1. You could experiment with dip dying it. Then you wouldn't have to pick just one color!

  2. Bright teal or turquoise! That would be lovely with your hair.

  3. orange.


    (fuchsia, actually.)

    i'm behind, but don't abandon it! the bodice is gorgeous! i'm currently salvaging my last ODI (peacock thing with the horrible back)-- i just needed some time away from it. i'm laughing at what i did to it back then.

  4. i would go ombre...maybe a blue? love blue.


  5. I second green but I'm biased. I want to be Irish. And St. Patrick's Day is coming up. There you go! Double whammy! Oh, and when we do a meet-up one day, we can wear ours together and look like Christmas.

  6. It seems like a good opportunity to try some emborderied pattern in colors! :)

  7. I'm with Oonaballoona with her vote for fuschia. Because all things pink are grand. But, since I'm usually the only person who thinks everything should be pink, I think a royal blue would be nice. :)

  8. I'd probably go with any shade of blue (I like the royal blue idea). Then again, why not orange?