Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thank You From the Bottom of My Fishy Heart!

My darling friends, thank you thank you thank you for your amazing encouragement!  Your emails and fantastic comments stayed with me through all of the miles.  I ended up running the 13.1 miles in 2:52:43... which is pretty amazing considering I kept stopping to take pictures with characters and I have only been back in training for two months!  Needless to say, I am pleased as punch and I have a huge medal to show for it. I could not have done it without all of your kind words, emails and comments.  It meant more to me than I can begin to express.

Here are some photos of my costume in action.  I didn't try to photoshop because why be ashamed of my sweat/sparkle?

Pre-race ... there was a DJ leading a dance party.  It was 3:45AM (awake since 2:30AM).  I did a dance along and then ran around looking at costumes.  AMAZING.

King Triton!!  He said to me, "I am your father."  This is a FACT.  Overall, I probably saw about 100 men total.  It was estimated that 19,200 women ran the race!

Elvis - on his back was a sign: "Why settle for a Prince when you can have a King?"

There were some fabulous costumes, and these girls and I buddied up in the start corral.  

This fabulous girl below came up to me and asked where I got my costume because she had been searching for one like it!  When I told her I made it, she was amazed... and that was a pretty big energy boost for me :) 

People dancing on stilts!!!

A pirate ship complete with pirates!  I didn't stop to get a picture with Captain Jack Sparrow - I didn't know if I was going to be able to finish, so I decided to stop only for characters I really wanted to wait for (because there was always a 5-10 minute line).

Entering the Magic Kingdom.  The race started in Epcot at 5:57AM for me, and it was amazing because the Fairy Godmother was there with magic words and fireworks to send each corral across the start line.  

My castle.

I saw this poster on the wall and could not resist sneaking in.  Prince Eric is so dreamy!

Running THROUGH the castle!  SQUEE!  They had marathon photographers taking pictures of the runners in front of the castle.  I will totally be purchasing that photo once it becomes available.

I saw Jessie and knew I had to stop for a picture.  As I was running up, Woody appeared!  I squealed out loud!!  (You can absolutely see the joy on my face.  I am not ashamed to say that I was completely PSYCHED by this picture.)

This picture is for Christine - the Central Florida Accordion Club!  Wooooo!  They totally rocked.

Quite possibly one of my favorite photos EVER.  When I ran past this group the first time, Prince Eric blew me a kiss.  When we ran past again, he waved at me and I knew it was time for a picture.  I told him he was dreamy :)

This green army man was yelling encouragement at us as we ran up the longest overpass in the history of running up overpasses omg.  I needed a picture with him for my Dad :)

Entering Epcot!!  Victory was close at hand!

The final stretch.  The workers and volunteers came out to line the path and shout words of encouragement to us.  That was incredible.

When I crossed the finish line and slapped Mickey Mouse's hand in a victorious high-five, I may have cried a little.  After damaging my hip and leg so badly training for the marathon, this was an incredible personal milestone, and IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Rob made me a sign - it's super fabulous :)

Again, THANK YOU to all of you for all of your support!!  I could not have done this without you!!!

PS.  What should my costume be for next year, and who's joining me for the race??? Hehe!


  1. I feel like I was running with you! Awesome pictures documenting the day! And your cluster of princes picture? Cracked me up! Thanks for the accordion shout out - I would have LOVED to have seen that! If I thought I could run longer than around my block I would love to join you, but until then I will play you a tune on the accordion and live vicariously through you. ;)

  2. HORRAY! HUZZAH! WELL DONE!!! (I especially liked the picture with all the 'princes'. They could not have looked more charmingly cheesey (and tarzan seemed into you)

  3. wait. this is all amazing sauce, you ran like 300 miles, and looked fabulous doing it, major freaking congratulations, but where were you.


    if you were in CA's disney i will cut you.

    (i think you were in florida, and i could never cut you.)

  4. ZOMG I want to comment on all the pictures! It looks like it was an amazing experience! I don't even like running long distances and I could be persuaded just by reading your recap. I love that King Triton acknowledged you as his daughter! And that princes picture! Eric does look dreamy, although Flynn looks a little dubious. Also, IS THAT JOHN SMITH? He is my favorite, but he's almost never anywhere since he's not really a "prince." I love the sign with the little drawing, too! A hearty congratulations on finishing and I can't wait to see what you do next year!

  5. You are absolutely amazing! I'm training for a half-marathon right now, and I would totally make a fantastic costume for my run, too, if I had a wee more time. That must have been SO MUCH FUN. I will one day do what you did. You are my idol.

    P.S. I LOVE that picture with Eric and the other princes!

  6. WELL DONE !! you have done so so well after such a short time training. I totally love the little mermaide too, I had a mug and the sound track on cassett once! x x x

  7. Awesome! COngrats on finishing and your fabulous costume!

  8. You are AMAZING!!! Look at you and your fabulous marathoning self! Woo hoo!! I love that pic of you with Woody and Jessie - I would have squealed, too!

    Next year, go as Rapunzel. I'll cheer you on dressed up as Pascal - LOL!!

  9. Wow! Great pictures, and congratulations on running that half marathon! Love the costume! I'm still very amazed that that many people actually made the run in costumes. So cool!