Sunday, March 11, 2012

That's Sew Cinematic: Boogie Nights: Dirk Diggler's Tuxedo Jacket

Friends, the costumes in Boogie Nights (as outlined in this amazing article) were pretty exceptional.  My personal favorite from the film was definitely this suit worn by Mark Wahlberg aka "Dirk Diggler." I've had this in my list of things to make for some time now, and when Sarah suggested this sew along, I knew it was time for the suit to become my reality.

A few months ago, Rob passed along his powder blue tux jacket to me and said I could do whatever I liked with it.  After much thinking, and after seeing this up-cycle at Stars for Streetlights, I decided a cropped jacket was in order.  I think Dirk Diggler would have approved.

I don't smoke cigars, but I do prefer this new cocktail that Rob keeps giving me.  Port + cream soda = win.

Now I'm not going to be winning any awards for adult films EVER (don't worry, Mom), but I do have every intention of rocking this jacket out in public.

I love the nightlife...

I love to boogie...

On the disco raaa-hooouuunnddd.

It only took 18 times to get a picture of me doing Dirk's signature kick after he wins his award.  I was feeling pretty epic by then.

Friends, thanks for stopping by for my first That's Sew Cinematic post!  I've got lots of these coming down the pipe, though I don't know how many are as groovilicious as this one :)

How about some Alicia Bridges to polish off your cocktail to?


  1. BRILLIANT! hahahahha. Love that last pose...truly epic!

  2. Port, my favourite! With Cream soda, I'm going to have to try that. Love the jacket by the way!

  3. That's an awesome refashion - love it! And I really want to try that cocktail too ;)

  4. oh my god. i don't know which i'm more jealous of, the jacket or the kick...

  5. That is one swish jacket! I'm going to have to try me some of that cocktail once I can drink again, sounds lush :)

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  7. Awesome jacket! Very stylish! And I love the booze and cigar pic!

  8. That jacket is hot! I'm now saddened that I got rid of the awesome brown tuxedo jacket I had 'cause it would look sooooo great cropped.

    Well, I still work at Salvation Army, time to hunt for a new tux jacket!

  9. This jacket is amazing! I'd be interested in a little more information about how you went about re-fashioning this--or any--jacket. How, specifically, do you deal with the seams and lining?

    Also, I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. If you're interested--and you're so not obligated to play along--feel free to check out the details on my blog

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