Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sew Weekly Challenge: VIP or the Striped Satin Shirt

Friends, Mama Grand likes to say that I have a problem keeping my mouth closed in pictures.

Sometimes I would like to think I prove her wrong.

...and then sometimes she is TOTALLY right.

For this challenge, I decided to FINALLY tackle the fabulous piece of striped satin that has been floating in my stash for several years.  He'd been sitting on the bench long enough - it was time to come out and play.  Since I've also been oogling Debi's fabulous creations using Simplicity 3688, I went ahead and busted that pattern out of the stash as well.

I LOVE how the stripes match up in the center of the blouse. 

The blouse is comfortable, and the front pleats give it just enough definition to make me happy.  I used a hook an eye for the back opening, even though I hate sewing them on.  HATE IT. 

The blouse was incredibly easy to put together.  I machine stitched the sleeve and bodice hems, though the pattern called for hand stitching.  No, sir - this is going to be a short and quick project for me.  It really only took about 2-3 hours, including the necessary hand sewing on the neck binding.  

My friend, Steph, tells me I have chocolate on my teeth - and so I finally close my mouth.  

 Overall, I love this blouse.  My only hesitation is that I don't know what to pair it with from my wardrobe.  Since I am only making each pattern in my stash once, and not returning to it until all patterns have been used, it may be awhile before I can get to the pants that Debi loves so much.  I really am determined to use all of these patterns once if I can, so I'll begin the stash search for a high waisted skirt, perhaps? 

Have an amazing day, Friends, and I hope the weather is warmer where you are!


  1. LOVE your blouse! Fabulous job with matching the stripes. The photos crack me up! And yay! you should definitely sew up the simplicity trousers!!!

  2. i HATED my version of this top and love yours. it works brilliantly with the jeans and will be wonderful with a high-waisted skirt. and you look particularly lovely, lively and care-free in these photos, meg!


  3. look at that last coy close lipped shot! mama grand will be proud!

    i love the blouse, especially the length-- i was lamenting my lack of short blouses yesterday.

  4. Love the stripes! Yay to stripe matching! I wish I could say it is warmer here, but that's not the case. The sweaters have emerged from the drawer.

  5. This looks amazing! Love it!

  6. Super cute! Your stripe-matching skillz are mad! I think this looks darling with jeans. What about high-waisted shorts? You could transition it into summer that way!

    My mouth is always open in photos, too, in a goofy, fake-surprised grin. It can't be stopped.

  7. stripes matching is very clever indeed. Looks great too.x x x

  8. Those stripes are rather fab! I love your pictures, open mouth and all.