Sunday, May 20, 2012

MMM: Day 13-20 and the NATO Summit!

Oooo...lots of new goodies this week, but I am especially loving all of my NATO bedsheet creations!

Day 13:

Heading out for some shopping with my bestie, Stephy

Pants: Burda 8488

Dressed for uber comfort and maximum style.  Hold onto your hats, DSW!
Day 14

Ah, work clothes.  I never stray too far from you.

I was distracted by watching the Coast Guard set up shop outside our windows, but also by a piece of lumber that I initially thought was a body floating in the Millennium Spire hole.  We have been using the binoculars a lot this week while watching the city set up for the NATO summit.

Day 15:

We made several attempts to take good pictures, and this was the best one of the bunch.  I had just had three molar cavities filled and the entire left side of my jaw was completely numb.  Good news: only two more out of the original cavities are left to be filled.  Somehow, this doesn't reassure me.

 Sweater: Altered black sweater - taken in on the sides and sleeves adjusted
Skirt: refashioned shorts to skirt

Day 16:

Work clothes again, but at least I can eat solid food today - hooray!  

 Dress: New Look 6643

I love this dress.  I love the purple plaid and sheen of the fabric - it's got enough give to be comfortable during the day and enough color to enliven the office environment.  

Day 17:

This dress has a post all its own tomorrow...

...but for now I can tell you that it's Vogue 8685

Day 18:

NATO Summit work from home day!


Cheese, crackers, and pears - delicious!

This outfit was one of the best parts of the day...

OCCUPANTS! (My friend came up with the name - he gets all the credit here)

Top: Refashioned t-shirt from this cardigan
Bottoms: McCalls 6514

The pants are made from old bedsheets, so the color varies on each piece based on the amount of wear in each area.  They are definitely threadbare and a bit holey, so they are strictly housepants.  However, they are very comfortable housepants, and I am so very pleased with them!

Day 19:  

No pictures due to a going away party that got a bit crazy (I was wearing this dress) - I totally forgot my camera, but would like to share with you a quote from my friend, Dan: 

"It takes me a while to grasp onto things.  It took me forever to catch onto monkey bars."

I laughed so hard I ugly cried.

Day 20:

NATO Summit is well under way!  We've been listening to helicopters all morning and the harbor is practically empty.

I made something special for the occasion - an ACTI-VEST.  I tried pairing these with the Occupants, but it was just too much grey bedsheet action for one outfit. 

Shirt/Vest: Simplicity 5800

This is an incredibly comfortable piece, and definitely fitting for a day when we cannot leave our apartment.  I got the pattern from the NYC meetup, and it's only taken me three months to complete it - I despaired over every single step - so many facings!  A drawstring!  Buttons!  For some reason, I felt overwhelmed.  I'm glad it's done, but I probably won't attempt this pattern again.

Well friends, I hope you are having an amazing weekend!  I am off to grab my binoculars and look for any action happening outside.



  1. I really like that striped top from Picnic Day! Try to survive the NATurmoil.

  2. I love your Occupants and Acti-Vest! Lounging around the house is a totally legitimate activity that needs special clothes - no sense neglecting it! :)

  3. You've got such fun outfits Meg and your apartment looks stunning...those views *sigh*!!!

  4. Really cool outfits! :) You are a ball of energy!

  5. your view looks spectacular! That must be so exciting that the Nato summit is in town. My favorite outfit of yours from this week is the white shirt and mustard yellow Simplicity skirt. It's so simple but so put together.

  6. I love day 14's outfit! Gah, I hate the dentist! I had 3 cavities filled last week, and I couldn't open my mouth all the way for days! I hope your mouth is doing better now.

  7. YAY to working from home!! Love, love, love those photos of you and Rob!

  8. Eep, so many fun new outfits!!

  9. Fun outfits! I love that striped shirt on the top!
    I'm also jealous of your view. Lake from high-up, yay! :)
    Oh yuck, cavities. You have my condolences!