Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's Promaballoona!!

Friends, it is the lovely Oona's birthday week, so you know it must be time for Promaballoona!  The most epic prom/birthday gathering across the interwebs - this is a fact.

I'm totally ready.

Handsome date, are you ready?

In order to be prepared to celebrate darling Oona, I needed a dress that was very "her."  So, when I saw peacock fabric at the Textile Discount Outlet, I grabbed it and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I've had this fabric for six months just waiting to properly honor my friend.

The day has arrived, I think.

I used Butterick 4919 as the pattern for this dress.  Many many thanks to Miss Crayola Creepy for hosting a giveaway for this pattern and sending it on to me - I finally had the perfect chance to use it!

I paired the dress with my navy blue crinoline.  It swishes delightfully and makes walking that much more entertaining.

But this is an occasion that doesn't call for any normal walking... it calls for strutting, like a peacock, in all of our glory!

And dancing.  Proms have lots of dancing.

And canoodling.  I'm sure there is lots of canoodling at proms, even if the revelers today don't know what that means.  (Apparently, it also means eating noodles in a canoe.  Who knew?)

Prom revelers today do know how to be romantic, I'm sure ... or how to puff out their significant other's cheeks when they kiss. 

And I'm sure they also know how to help each other out when one is wearing wedges and there is a particularly high ledge.  

But those revelers today need to be more aware of possible wardrobe malfunctions.  Holy cannoli - we might have to fix that neckline.

Proms usually involve game playing, like "my date is a total creeper and I'll be dancing in the bathroom" or "my neckline is a bit shady so I will hide behind this tree."

Something new today at prom: texting.  OMG OONA.  2 Much Fun!

Proms are excuses for dressing up and feeling glamorous, a day to step into a fairytale closet ...

and come out with a fierce, date eating monster who wears a tux.

Prom has candid kisses and soft lighting..

and dates who find that eating your nose is an acceptable way to show affection.

Glamorous people must have somewhere to go that is also glamorous!  The Art Institute of Chicago will work just fine.

It has many settings for pictures...

and many animals for playing...

LOTS of playing. 

Ah, but prom is winding down.  We are no longer eighteen and wild...

Well, we're no longer eighteen, at least.

Ah, Promaballoona, the event we've been looking forward to for so long, and are so glad we could attend!

We definitely jumped for joy at being included in this fabulous celebration, as we both love that Oona!

And, just for the sake of being a tiny bit traditional, we give you a normal prom posed photo.  I would say the backdrop is much better this time around.

Happy Birthday to YOU, darling Oona, you fabulous woman you :)

We will see you soon - I promise! 

XOXOXO and much love, Meg

*Many, many thanks to my spectacular friend, Mina, for taking these amazing photos!*

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30:60: Project 8: Nautical Ginger Skirt

Friends, this was originally part of the Red, White, and Blue Sew Weekly Challenge, but I was totally late on my submission for the site, and then I got busy with the cleaning and the packing, so I hope you'll forgive me for just now getting around to posting this.

You're probably saying, "MG. That does NOT look like a scrap.  You are a big liar face."

Ok, so it's not MY scrap, but it was Mama Grand's scrap.  Mama Grand definitely covered a couch with that material and passed it along to Sister Grand #1, who kept that couch until passing it along to Sister Grand #2, who then gave it back to Mama Grand, who covered it in black pleather-ish material (Oh yes, you'll be seeing that soon)... but there were still these blue and white striped pieces from it's first covering.  

 When I saw how large the scrap pieces were, I knew I wanted it to be a fun chevron skirt.  I've had the Colette Ginger skirt pattern in my stash for some time, and it was about time to bust it out and make something fabulous.  I loved the pattern - a breeze to work with, and I love that the pattern piece indicated which way to lay the fabric in order to have beautiful chevrons.  Of course, I only paid so much attention to how I was cutting my pieces... and that definitely led to trouble down the line.

Because I wasn't really thinking ahead to plan my chevron skirt back pieces, I cut the back pieces out completely backwards.  So, no chevrons on the side or back because I hadn't been paying attention.  UGH.  Silly Meg.  I thought a bit and wondered if it would make much difference if I made the center back seam become the side seam, this obtaining my chevron look.

As you can see, it worked out pretty well!  I became a little concerned about the fit though - it feels as though it is pulling tight across my stomach, making my little happy tummy appear A LOT happier than it actually is.  I was sucking my happy tummy in for every single one of these pictures. 

While I love that this skirt turned out beautifully in terms of all the chevrons, I don't know if high-waisted skirts are for me.  The waistband felt a bit bulky, and I think pairing it with this summer sweater tee didn't help the bulk factor.  I think the chevrons drew attention upwards to my waistline a bit, causing me to feel a bit more self conscious about the fit than I might have been otherwise.  I am willing to try this pattern again, though, thanks to all of the lovely encouragement of the fabulous Sew Weekly contributors.  I may try it in a solid color with a waistband facing instead of a waistband.  OR I might use the waistbands and add a full skirt or pencil skirt instead, a la my hero The Dreamstress's suggestion.  I want to emphasize my booty and make my waist look tiny.  I think I may be able to achieve this with a little more work.

Of course, if I wore a darker colored top with this skirt, it might work better as well.  There will be lots of experimenting, both with this pattern and with making this skirt wearable because I LOVE CHEVRONS.  

Friends: high-waisted skirts: love them or hate them?  Or how to style them when you aren't sure where you fall?

Have a fabulous day, all! XOXO

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mr. Bigglesworth Has Arrived With Loads of Goodies

Friends, this past Thursday, I took the Megabus to my parents' house.  I took a few days off work to help move my grandmother's things out of her two bedroom apartment and into my parent's basement.  Grandma is moving into a nursing home, and Mom and Dad were feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of Grandma's things in the house.  

When I left on Sunday, the house was considerably cleaner and there was a huge stack of polyester pants that were destined for Goodwill.  SO MANY SHADES OF TEAL, Y'ALL. I didn't take any for jackets, but I did take plenty of other items instead...

because Grandma is a crafter.  

So there is fabric, both patterned and plain...

big pieces and small,

cotton and knits...

floral and polka dotted...

stripes and paisley...

and some AMAZING sets of vintage sheets!  I will definitely be following Cindy's tips for working with vintage sheets before I attach these to any projects.

Some large real fur collars were mixed into all the piles.  For my thoughts on fur, I think this sums it up well.

There were also some detachable pieces from coats in the 1960s. I would love to add these to a vintage coat pattern, or even a 50's pearl button cardigan.

What would stash busting be without a box full of bias trim?

There were some especially lovely pieces.  The blue and silver was on an outfit worn by Mama Grand when she was little, so I'll definitely be making something for her with it.

This silver piece is shaped like an anchor, and I thought it was a belt buckle at first, but now I am not so sure...

BIAS TAPE MAKERS!  I am PSYCHED to finally have one in my possession!

There is also a sewing machine foot that makes bias tape ... but I don't have a machine to match it.  Yet.

Crochet hooks and knitting needles!  It's about to get all crazy up in here, as the Robert has bought me knitting classes for my birthday.  Whoopee!

A Braid It Yourself Kit.  I have never seen one of these and am very intrigued...is rug-making in my future?

Epic. Pearl. Snaps.

A little bird in a little basket.  I want to put it on a hat.  Dibs has convinced me that making hats and fascinators is 100% necessary and awesome.

A Perfect Waist Maker aka pre-cut waistband interfacing.

Sewing tape to assist with sewing straight lines and some awesome "suede look" fabric patches.

SCISSORS.  Lots of Ginghers.  Heaven, people, I'm in heaven.

The prettiest of the bunch.

Of all the items, these scissors are most dear to me. They are not sewing scissors, but rather, the clippers my grandfather used in his barber shop.  He passed away in 1973, so I've never met him, but this is like holding a piece of my history.  I plan on hanging these up over my machine.

Hooks, seam rippers, x-acto knives and a magnifying stick.

And finally, Mr. Bigglesworth.

ISN'T HE PRETTY?!?!?!  Now I just have to learn how to use him.  Soon, my precious, very soon.

I haven't listed everything that was in the car this trip.  I've left out a nearly completed quilt and quilting supplies, 50 spools of thread, several yards of elastic, and hand sewing and machine needles.  Believe it or not, this wasn't everything.

Still to be brought back to Chicago?  A Husqvarna Viking machine (for which I am paying Grandma) and an embroidery sewing machine.

The word EPIC really doesn't begin to cover all of the sewing materials that will be coming into my possession.  Many thanks to my Grandma for all of the free goods and machines she has given me, and also for the epic discount on the Husqvarna - it will be well loved.

Friends, be on the lookout for giveaways!  There is no way that I can make storage for all of these goodies, so I think you may need some where you are :)  

Friends, have you ever inherited sewing goods from a relative?  Let me know in the comments!

PS: THANK YOU for all of the lovely birthday wishes!!  It was a most fabulous day, filled with delicious cake and wine and company :) I appreciated your kind thoughts so very much!