Monday, July 2, 2012

The 30:60 Challenge

My friends, I am guilty of hoarding every single scrap of fabric that comes into my possession. 
I just cannot bear to waste any pieces of fabric that might be remotely useful down the road - what if I make a quilt or decide to stuff a pillow?  Those little pieces would surely come in handy then!

Well, the situation has gotten a little out of control.  

I now have Army sized duffel bags full of scraps for various projects around the sewing area.  The sewing area also doubles as Rob's office, so while he has been incredibly patient with my fabric hoarding, he deserves to have a clean space.  I work better with an organized space as well.  I cannot tell you how many patterns or notions have gone missing in the last several weeks!  This must stop, and so, I've come up with a new challenge for myself:

The 30:60 Challenge

30 crafts made in 60 days.  All from scraps.  

Now, I can choose to make more items, but I cannot make less.  I need to finish the random projects floating around in my head and get rid of those bits of fabric that are floating around my sewing machine.  I am absolutely determined to get some crazy amounts of scrap sewing accomplished this month, and still complete the Sew Weekly challenges. 

To begin, I started off with a project that was sitting pinned on my sewing table and that I was constantly moving around the room to get out of my way.  

#1: Lavender Sachets

These were the extra bits of fabric left over from the last session of Chicago Social Sewing, and it was time to get them completed.  I am almost out of lavender, which is fine with me, since that huge one pound bag has been lurking in the corner for several weeks.

Hooray!  More room on my sewing table and my t-shirts and work out clothes are getting a lovely bit of scent added to them naturally.

I am super excited about getting started with this challenge - and I'm sure Rob is, too!

Friends, how do you deal with scraps of fabric?  Are you a hoarder like moi?  Let me know in the comments - I'm eager to hear how you handle scrap busting!



  1. I think that's a great challenge. I'm definitely a fabric hoarder. (Really, who isn't??). Every once in a while I do a purge of my fabric stash and scraps and pass them along to other friends that craft and sew. It feels really cathartic to purge things, my friends get new materials and inspiration, and I find the process of sorting and re-organizing makes me newly appreciate old fabric and inspires new projects!

  2. Perfect challenge! I too am a fabric hoarder. Wow, that felt great to get that off my chest. Every once and awhile I cut squares out of the left over fabric that I am slowly piecing together as a quilt. Not the fanciest thing I've made but I feel good about not wasting the remnants. And right now I'm making a little girl's dress with a metre of left over fabric. I hope to have it finished tonight. I thought the lavender sachets were pattern weights, too cute either way.

  3. I love your determination! I think you can complete this challenge!

  4. Lovely sachets! I have to admit that I do not keep *every* fabric scrap. If the scrap is smaller than an arbitrarily determined-size (decided at the moment I cut out the fabric) then I chuck it. I know, I'm terrible. Still, there's very little that gets chucked...

    1. I'm with you, Donna! Sometimes I look through my scrap pile and wonder why a particular scrap made it in...

      If I'm feeling particularly virtuous, I'll cut 3"x3" squares out of my scraps before throwing the rest away. I tell myself that by the time I'm 60, I can make a quilt big enough to cover my house.

  5. those are too cute! i want to use up my scraps, but in the end the most i do is make bias tape out of the bigger scraps. sometimes i get angry and toss a bunch into the recycling bin. i feel so good when i do this... like the first time i ever threw away a pair of disposable contact lenses...

  6. Oh good, I've been thinking about doing something like this on my blog, but now I can follow along with you!

    I recycle my smallest teeny scraps but I have a picnic basket full of scraps that I should do something with. I made a soft toy, that was a good use of scraps. I'm thinking I should do some kind of easy quilting project too, like a baby quilt made with squares. I'm also planning to make a cover for my tablet computer (about the same size as a Kindle)

    I actually thought your lavender bags were pattern weights, when I saw the post in my reader. Look forward to getting some inspiration for projects!

  7. I used to have lots of fabric scraps but since my son started kindergarden I just pass them on for crafts, the kids love them!

  8. That is a genius idea! I have the exact same problem because it just pains me too much to throw my scraps away (even though they pile up on me and rarely get used...but when I DO use something I think "ha! I woudn't have had that if I had thrown it away!")

  9. thats a great challenge. I love using scraps.. the lavender sachets are adorable. they could work as sewing weights

  10. Meg, it's a great idea and I've decided to join you! I modified it to a 15:60 challenge because of my current sewing rate, but with the same goal in mind: getting rid of scraps and using up stash. Read about it on my blog!

  11. Riding along in the "oh god, I've been meaning to do this too" bandwagon here! I have a good hard deadline, too, six weeks from now when I'm moving maybe I should get on it!

  12. What a great idea! Alas, it totally won't work for me, as my scrap stash is either bits leftover from dresses that I mean to eventually turn into things that will go with the dresses, or be used to trim the dresses further, or a huge bag of white cotton bits I'm collecting to make an all-white yo-yo quilt. It's going to take me years to finish it!