Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's Promaballoona!!

Friends, it is the lovely Oona's birthday week, so you know it must be time for Promaballoona!  The most epic prom/birthday gathering across the interwebs - this is a fact.

I'm totally ready.

Handsome date, are you ready?

In order to be prepared to celebrate darling Oona, I needed a dress that was very "her."  So, when I saw peacock fabric at the Textile Discount Outlet, I grabbed it and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I've had this fabric for six months just waiting to properly honor my friend.

The day has arrived, I think.

I used Butterick 4919 as the pattern for this dress.  Many many thanks to Miss Crayola Creepy for hosting a giveaway for this pattern and sending it on to me - I finally had the perfect chance to use it!

I paired the dress with my navy blue crinoline.  It swishes delightfully and makes walking that much more entertaining.

But this is an occasion that doesn't call for any normal walking... it calls for strutting, like a peacock, in all of our glory!

And dancing.  Proms have lots of dancing.

And canoodling.  I'm sure there is lots of canoodling at proms, even if the revelers today don't know what that means.  (Apparently, it also means eating noodles in a canoe.  Who knew?)

Prom revelers today do know how to be romantic, I'm sure ... or how to puff out their significant other's cheeks when they kiss. 

And I'm sure they also know how to help each other out when one is wearing wedges and there is a particularly high ledge.  

But those revelers today need to be more aware of possible wardrobe malfunctions.  Holy cannoli - we might have to fix that neckline.

Proms usually involve game playing, like "my date is a total creeper and I'll be dancing in the bathroom" or "my neckline is a bit shady so I will hide behind this tree."

Something new today at prom: texting.  OMG OONA.  2 Much Fun!

Proms are excuses for dressing up and feeling glamorous, a day to step into a fairytale closet ...

and come out with a fierce, date eating monster who wears a tux.

Prom has candid kisses and soft lighting..

and dates who find that eating your nose is an acceptable way to show affection.

Glamorous people must have somewhere to go that is also glamorous!  The Art Institute of Chicago will work just fine.

It has many settings for pictures...

and many animals for playing...

LOTS of playing. 

Ah, but prom is winding down.  We are no longer eighteen and wild...

Well, we're no longer eighteen, at least.

Ah, Promaballoona, the event we've been looking forward to for so long, and are so glad we could attend!

We definitely jumped for joy at being included in this fabulous celebration, as we both love that Oona!

And, just for the sake of being a tiny bit traditional, we give you a normal prom posed photo.  I would say the backdrop is much better this time around.

Happy Birthday to YOU, darling Oona, you fabulous woman you :)

We will see you soon - I promise! 

XOXOXO and much love, Meg

*Many, many thanks to my spectacular friend, Mina, for taking these amazing photos!*


  1. woweeee! Adorable adorable dress - I am swooning at the fabric (LOVE peacock feathers & that shade of blue) & the style is fabulous (esp with crinoline). I am super impressed by your pics too - such fun :-)

  2. omg, i LOVE that fabric, and butterick 4919 was an inspired pattern choice. that blue crinoline is brilliant, and i loved your post for oona. you and that date of yours are looking hot, hot, hot. no wonder ruggy got jealous :-)


  3. OK, THAT looked fun! Great dress & great pics! :)

  4. You are so very welcome! You and your dress are picture perfect :)

  5. This is the Best Post ever - you look fabulous. Great fabric, great photos, great everything x

  6. I am overwhelmed by the amount of gorgeous in these photos. You. Rob. The dress. The poses. all together amazing.

  7. Love the dress. Love the Rob. Love the pics. Two questions though. Did anyone ask you what you were taking pics for? Could you two be any more adorable?! Miss you!

  8. I love how you seem exactly the same in these as you do in your prom pictures. Also, Textile Discount Outlet is fantastic, and I'm really disappointed that I didn't run in to you downtown at all this summer. Maybe next year..

  9. OH MY GOSH! It's a cute explosion!! LOVE this dress, and you and Rob are SO CUTE TOGETHER!

  10. How awesome was that?! I think that took prom to a whole new level. That's what prom should be: in a park, in an awesome peacock dress, with a loved-one and your friend/personal documentary filmmaker. :)

  11. Oh you two are simply adorable!! Lovely, lovely photo shoot. (And a gorgeous dress!) You make me smile lots. :-)

  12. oh and the fabric is totally lovely !!!!

  13. i. could. not. love. you. both. more.

    except the next time you do something awesome, which is daily, and then i DO love you more.

    love, love, LOVE, oona

  14. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous fabric and what a spectacular dress!! you and your man look fantastic!