Friday, September 14, 2012


...Or I should say "change":

I got bangs.

I haven't had bangs like this since seventh grade, and I am definitely loving it :)

What do you have planned for this weekend, friends?  I've got ten projects that are begging to be completed, so it's going to be a weekend full of sewing for me ... and I am so excited about that!

Have a great Friday, all!  Do something fabulous for yourself today 


PS Thank you for all of your suggestions for what to do with my piece of fabric!  It's approximately 45" across, so I am working my way through your suggestions and my pattern stash to see what I can match.  I am definitely leaning towards a skirt or a bolero now, based on what I have on-hand, so the options are  really exciting!


  1. The bangs are wonderful! And I've got nothing this weekend... maybe you should call me up to get some drinks... it makes sewing all the more fun!

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    1. Adorable! Nothing like some forehead awnings to make you look winsome and gamine! Poor spelling made me delete the last comment- I wasn't rethinking your bangs!

  3. Really cute! Love this look on you! Happy sewing!!

  4. I love the bangs it makes me laugh every time I hear it!!! Looks good tho. x x x

  5. Looking good, Meg! :)