Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, my darling friends!  I've been working through some real life sewing issues the last couple days and trying not to let those things and the onset of cooler weather get to me too badly.  This week is chock full of links that made me laugh and/or forget about the piddly, grumpy stuff:

I am OBSESSED with this song right now.   

This list of irrational beauty fears made me laugh so hard, especially the bit about the rusty razor - I think about that EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to shave my legs.

Whenever I wake up at 5am to sew, I am going to tell myself that waking up early is a habit of highly successful people ... and after I tell myself that, I feel completely okay with hitting the snooze button.  (To be truthful, I've only not gotten out of bed once - hooray!)

Sal from Already Pretty talks about styling high-waisted garments 

No matter how US citizens are planing on voting in November, I think much entertainment can be found perusing Nerds for Obama.  I particularly like November is Coming, since I just started watching Game of Thrones.  I checked, but there is not a Nerds for Romney site (yet).

Moonstruck is my favorite movie ever.  I even liked Nicholas Cage in it, which is saying quite a bit.

If you have a few minutes, check out the 88 books that shaped America

I am loving Charity Shop Chic's series of Designs on Denim!   This dress might be my favorite thing so far.

I love spoilers, but I had no idea that spoilers were good for me ... thoughts on spoilers, friends? Yay knowing what's going to happen or nay, surprises are the spice of life?

Speaking of spoilers, DOCTOR WHO IS BACK.  This Doctor puppet makes me so happy :)

Have an amazing weekend, all!  And see you next week with lots of completed goodies :)



  1. that song is my ringtone for Dan :)

  2. ummm... I LOVE spoilers. Sometimes I need to get to bed, and I just can't sleep till I know what's gonna happen. So I search for spoilers, do some quick reading, and get a great night's sleep :) My husband hates it tho! We watched Battlestar Galactica together (which he'd already seen), but he refused to tell me what would happen. and he threatened to stop watching with me if I looked it up. I looked it up. and he didn't keep his threat ;) I even managed to squeeze a few details out of him eventually. I just can't handle the suspense.

  3. That song is a favorite 'belt it out' in the car tune. Embarrassingly- I first heard it on Gossip Girl?!

  4. Love the cat photos, brilliant! Moonstruck would have to be totally outstanding for me to get past my Nicholas Cage aversion, Is it really that good? :)

  5. Loving the song too, that's going on my ipod!

  6. Instead of waking up early to sew, I stay up really late. Why does that feel like I'm doing something bad? But if I get up early it's like I'm being good? It's about the same amount of sleep!

    1. Oh my goodness, I feel the same way! So glad I'm not the only one!

  7. Thanks for this list of links -- I laughed so hard at Nerds for Obama and all the cats.

    I, too, am all about spoilers. I can't enjoy a movie properly until I know what happens. If a movie's synopsis isn't up yet on Wikipedia, I can't watch it. Even better is when I can read the book first, then watch the movie that was made from it!

  8. Crying with laughter at the cats - thank you!

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your sewing woes. Hopefully the cooler weather will cheer you up. Seriously, aren't you so excited because I AM!

  10. Yay, Meg! Thanks so much for featuring my humble blog in your must-read sites! I am so pleased you are enjoying reading.
    Keep up the good work!
    All the best from London
    Sally -- Charity Shop Chic