Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Final Round of Gifts!

Friends!  After many weeks of getting up at 5am and going to bed past midnight, I am pleased to say that ALL gifts made it to their destinations on time.  I would like to say that I will start earlier next year when I begin making presents, but I don't like to lie!

Without further ado, the final round of gifts...

For my oldest sister, I made her a tote bag out of my parent's old couch material.  She recognized the fabric immediately!  I wonder why ... 

I used Simplicity 4535 for the pattern and it was incredibly easy.  I was sad to send this off to her because I fell in love with it almost immediately, especially because the pocket matches the background pattern.  I think I have enough left in my stash to squeeze out one for myself as well.  Merry Christmas to me!

For Rob's sister, I knit her a small red cowl with some leftover Cascade Magnum.  The hat is the Station Hat pattern, and though it only took six times to turn this yarn into this hat, I think it turned out well.  By the sixth time, I was determined.  Seriously - it was like a deathmatch between me and this yarn.  NEVER AGAIN, WOOL EASE.

I made Rob's brother-in-law the Regular Guy Beanie with some green Wool Ease I had in my stash, and it turned out so well that I made one for Rob immediately out of brown Wool Ease.  I have a ton of Wool Ease left over from this monster so long ago (2010!)

The crowning glory of knitting projects this Christmas was the Eleventh Hour Blanket, made with US36 40" circular needles and an attached icord edge (US17 DPNs).  I was so warm making this with the doubled strands of Cascade Magnum, and you can see by the size that it is just completely snuggly.  I love that I learned a new skill (attached icord is FAB) and I especially love that Rob's Mom was so excited about it.  

Seed stitch, I love you so much.

For Rob's niece, I made her a very Parisian doll, complete with capelet and beret.  She was so well loved the first day that I had to reattach her leg that night!

I reused this pattern, which is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  Here's is Jojo's father, proudly showing off the doll and her newly reattached limb.

For the final present, something sneaky for Rob...

He finally got a Negroni!  I worked on it in the mornings and whenever he was out of the house, so I really couldn't say how long it took altogether.  I do wonder, however, if putting it together in such short bursts affected my vision because WOW are those pockets completely crooked!

I am excited that my top-stitching isn't completely awful on the collar, and I love that the fabric was an old bed sheet of ours.  I've always loved men with red beards in green shirts, so Rob needed to have a green shirt in his closet and I needed to be the one to put it there.

The arms are long enough!! WINNING!  That's a pretty big victory for someone who didn't try it on her model until it was time to put buttons and buttonholes on.  I did make him close his eyes though, so he had no idea of the color or style.  He's been wearing it nearly non-stop, which makes me pretty damn happy.

Friends, it's been an incredible month.  I've learned new skills (attached icord, quilting, sewing a sleeve placket) and managed to make some close family and friends very happy.  Hooray for holidays!

I'm off to bed - I've had a very busy day of finishing some rompers for an all girl band before their photo shoot this evening. Whew!  It was nice to hear some fabulous music and say "I'm a seamstress for the band" a la Tiny Dancer, and I hope to do it again sometime.  Until then, I'm going to be sleeping and working on my New Year's resolutions...

more to come on those tomorrow :)

Have a marvelous night all!



  1. Wow, you have been one super busy lady! Gorgeous creations Meg - very well done. :-)

  2. Holy cow!! So many gifts! I can't believe it! They all turned out so well-- great job, dood!

  3. What an incredible list of gifts, I am astonished you've had any sleep at all!

  4. You done so well on your gift making x

  5. Cool hand-mades! I esp. love the green Negroni :)

  6. Love that shirt! you have clearly been very busy, wishing you a fabulous 2013 x

  7. That must have been quite the couch! I'm so impressed- I think a limb coming off may become my new watermark for project love....

  8. OMG! The eleventh hour blanket turned out AMAZINGLY WELL! You're my hero. :-D

  9. Rob's shirt looks great! I love making men's shirts!

  10. i acquired the same doll pattern recently and LOVE it. it's been well-used already... (read: all of my friends keep having tiny humans)

  11. What an incredible bunch of gifts - your family must have been stoked! You are quite an inspiration - I have plans to be much more handmade next Christmas.

  12. Oh wow, what wonderful presents. I can't believe how prolific you were! I especially love the snuggly blanket and the doll - and how amazing does that Negroni look!
    Happy New Year, btw! :)