Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UFO to FO: The Woody's Round-Up Sweatshirt Dress

Friends, I was packing boxes on Sunday when I came across my sewing mojo hiding in the bottom of a closet.  I completely blame Tasha, who reminded me that I had this fabulous fabric when we found Western style shirts at the Vintage Garage.  When I returned home and began cleaning, the fabric was there waiting for me.  The pieces laid around the room in various states of pinning and progress.  Gross.  Stop mocking me with your UFO-ness, sweatshirt dress.  I AM PACKING.

I originally picked up this amazing sweatshirt fabric in the Vogue Fabrics remnant pile while Lauren was visiting town.   I ravaged the store until I found every single piece because I knew I wanted a sweatshirt dress.  What could be more snuggly than an XL sweatshirt?  A sweatshirt dress with sweater tights and some boots.  This is what my brain was telling me, and I was definitely digging it.  You go, brain - well done. One problem: the fabric wasn't in the best of shape.  There were some interesting discolorations that I needed to work around, and I got as far as cutting out the pattern (Built by Wendy: Sew U Home Stretch for the main body and added Renfrew sleeves) before I gave up.  

Now, as I was being taunted with it's incomplete state, it was time to buckle down and finish, cowboy.  Cowgirl?  CowMeg?  We're just going to go with it here.

I am only sad that it took me so long to finish this because it is EXACTLY the level of comfort and warmth that I require to live in Chicago during winter.  

I used the Built By Wendy: Home Stretch dress bodice and skirt, and then added the hood from the book for that extra bit of warmth.  Best decision ever?  Maybe.   It fits over my messy bun perfectly.  I love that messy buns are in style because then I can be super lazy getting ready in the morning and everyone at work will think I actually tried.  #Winning

Because the fabric doesn't have a great amount of stretch to it, I added a zipper down the left side. The zipper makes the fabric a bit ripply and strange, so I added the belt to clamp it down.  I think the belt breaks up the pattern a bit as well - it looks as though it's missing something when I take the belt off.  This is why I need a huge leather belt with an obnoxious belt buckle on it.  I think I have my grandfather's belt buckle with two pigs on it and the words "Makin' Bacon" in a box somewhere - maybe I'll need to find that.  Ah, memories...

I didn't even bother hemming it.  It rolls right up at the bottom, so I just let it be.  I'm surprised at how much length I managed to get out of the skirt pieces, because there wasn't much to the bits and pieces from the pile at Vogue!  I had anticipated it being tunic length, but dress length works just as well ... especially when I'm riding a pony.  Whoa, Bullseye!!  

Or looping an unruly chair.  These are important things to learn when getting ready to move.  Teach that chair a lesson, y'all!

PS.  I love Toy Story.  Having my picture taken with Woody and Jessie was one of the highlights of 2012.

Believe it or not, this was the cleanest area of the apartment.  The rest is in complete chaos - who knew moving could be so crazy?  We're getting down to the last week and a half before I pack this stuff into a truck, so I've been doing laundry, checking Internet installation prices, and updating my address where necessary.  I've only cried once - I'm thinking this is a victory.

Friends!  Thanks for being so patient with me as I work through the madness of moving.  I appreciate all of your lovely notes and comments more than you could know.  Stay warm where you are, and I will chat with you soon!