Monday, May 6, 2013

Me Made May: Days 1 - 6

Friends, Me Made May is trucking right along, and here we are, almost one week into it!  I've come to realize that I have quite a few pieces that haven't appeared on the blog yet, especially the Minoru jacket (eep!)

May 1:

Top: McCall's 5929 (New)

The weather was glorious out!  It was perfect for roping my Lizzie into taking pictures outside of work.  She wanted me to swing on a lamp post, so I did.  All of my smoking coworkers looked on with mild amusement.

May 2:

Dinner with the lovely Michelle of Tres Bien Ensemble.  Have you seen this AMAZING Day 1 outfit of hers?  It's the bees knees.

May 3:

Top: Simplicity 2501 (New)
Skirt: Mama Grand's khaki skirt (refashioned)

I was wiggling too much when my dear friend Becky was taking these photos, so alas, no front views made the cut.  I was able to throw this on the dress form when I got home for some less action-y shots.

I love this color so much, and I'm so glad that I have enough of this bedsheet set to make a vintage Butterick dress.  You'll see the skirt from the set soon enough, as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer!

Inside shot since I love how it's bound in purple as well.  Color win? I think so.

May the 4th be with you!

I wore this dress to a Doctor Who forum at DePaul University on Saturday, where I got several compliments and was rather snuggly while watching The Doctor's Wife (cried, of course) and The Unearthly Child (whoa, the first Doctor was seriously angry)  


Friends, you know I love Doctor Who with all my heart.  Let me impress upon you the heart palpitations that happened when a certain actor's sister (*cough* John Barrowman *cough*) was on a panel talking about the show ... and then the man himself sent a video message to this small contingent of geeks  #allthefeels

I also got to create magnificent art with a Tenth Doctor:

All in all, a geektastic and lovely day.

May 5:

Sweater: Sewaholic Renfrew (New)

The weather has been pretty strange here lately (big surprise, I know), so my standard outfit is quickly becoming boots, skirt, and sweater.  I've got my fingers crossed that I'll be able to wear some of my summer dresses before this month is over.

May 6:

Love this dress - one of my favorites to wear to work and out for drinks after.  

I am finding that I am guilty of sewing for Me Made May ... during the actual month.  I'm finally getting my sewing mojo back, and I think this was the kick in the pants that I needed.  Speaking of pants, I'm off to finish my Simplicity 3688 trousers to wear for work tomorrow :)

Have a marvelous night, all!



  1. while lovely everyday, I think your red dress is my favorite.

  2. Great round up!!! I agree, the red dress is my favorite. And also, smoking HOT!!

    And I hope I get to wear some actual spring clothing this month, too ;o(

  3. That last dress looks AMAZING!

  4. I love that deep eggplant blouse, and a dress made from that fabric would be awesome!

  5. what great outfits. Love seeing your smiling face again! g

  6. love the red dress on you - gorgeous! also I'm pretty jealous of your woody's round up sweatshirt dress and I think I need one RIGHT NOW! :)

  7. I love your red dress- it's very sexy and yet flattering and office-esque too! And I am in full geekout appreciation- I would LOVE to meet anyone even vaguely related to the Dr Who seasons! I have much love for anything DrWho :)

  8. This is my favourite MMM post - great to see you have your sewing mojo back, you look so smiley and that red dress is fab :)

  9. Can't wait to see the finished trousers! I love the lamp-post shot - kudos to your Lizzie for thinking of it and to you for going for it! :)

  10. So lovely to see you smiling :) That red dress is fab, but that purple blouse is the one I'd steal off your back!

  11. Yay for mojo! And all things geek-tastic! I love the red simplicity dress on you!

  12. What a fun me-made week! The red dress is amazing and the blouse and Meringue too!

  13. I love all of your outfits but where are the stripes?!?! You said you were wearing stripes and I want to see them (because stripes are THE BOMB!)

  14. I LOVE the red dress, second favorite is the purple blouse. Makes me realize I don't have any purple blouses...

  15. Fabulosity!!!! I am sewing for Me Made May, too. LOL! I find MMM really inspiring, so off I go! :)

  16. wow - thats one serious handmade wardrobe! love the red dress especially:)

  17. I should have taken a picture of you in your apron and ensemble! You looked so CUTE! That red dress is SMOKIN. You should wear more red. truth.

  18. Ah, those strange weather surprises... Hope you get to showcase your summer dresses soon! The last one here looks seriously fabulous! :)
    Yay for a geeky Dr. Who day. :)

  19. I love your happy photos! You're cute as a button!

  20. Love the red dress so much!