Friday, May 17, 2013

Me Made May: Days 14 - 16

Wooooo!  We've reached mid-May with no outfits repeated yet.  I'm trying to hold out as long as possible! (Many thanks to the most lovely Maddie for the shout out in her Sewing News - I heart your face!!)
Tuesday, May 14

Friends, the warmer weather is returning, so I celebrated by pulling a sleeveless blouse out of the closet:

Lizzie wanted to see my "grr" face.

I switched to shorts later (these specifically), perfect for sharing lemonade on my back porch with a gentleman caller ... and then cuddling with puppies.

Wednesday, May 15

I wore my favorite dress in the whole world: The Sassy Secretary Dress.  (Lisette, I will always love you for releasing this pattern into my greedy hands)

Thursday, May 16

Sunshine breaks are important ... especially if you are super pale and planning on going to the beach in the near future.

This is my photographer, Lizzie.  I love her like whoa.

The dress is the Couch of the Irish - a favorite in my closet and so comfortable!

I'll be off on an adventure for a wee bit, but I've got a me made wardrobe ready for whatever lies ahead :)  Chat with all of you lovelies soon!



  1. PUPPY! You're looking amazing, per usual. :-D

  2. I should comment on your clothes (all awesome) but the very very best thing about this post is the expression on the dogs face he looks so suspicious!

  3. I forgot about that dress! Dang do I ever want to make my own version of it! Off to troll etsy and ebay for a copy in my size.

  4. Hooray for gentleman callers, puppy cuddles, and adventures! Love your blue dress, too :)

  5. You are so stinking cute! That blue dress is so rad!

  6. I love your dresses, both green and blue. The colours are so nice on you. Bold colours and pale skin are just amazing. Good luck in the sun from a fellow pasty ginger friend. I have given up many many moons ago and just blind everyone with my glowing white whiteness now.

  7. Love them all, especially the red and black skirt!