Friday, May 31, 2013

Me Made May: Days 23-30


Thursday, May 23

Top: Sewaholic Alma (new!)
Bottom: refashioned khaki shirt (my first repeat - drat.)

I've been focusing on adding more separates to my wardrobe, and separates in solid colors are in high demand.  Since the Alma pattern was languishing in my stash, I decided to use some stash black poly to make a blouse.  

I even used a black separating zipper I had on hand to complete the piece! While the pattern calls for a non-separating zipper, I am focusing on using as much of my stash as possible.

Friday, May 24: FURNITURE!

Friends, this long awaited day was greeted in an outfit that was fit for carrying the final additions to my apartment up four flights of stairs:

One of the new pieces: a dressing screen.  Stephy and I have big plans for that.

After the moving of the furniture and a trip to Home Depot and JoAnn's (got new couch cushion foam at JoAnn's - HALF OFF.  Thank goodness because it was originally priced at $60 a yard - seriously?! No way, man), we went back to Stephy's where I caught up on Doctor Who... 

and played with kitties.

*sidenote on Doctor Who - I starting sobbing 15 minutes into the finale and DID. NOT. STOP.*

Afterwards, we journeyed to 80's night, where good times were had by all:

Top: Simplicity 1879
Bottoms: still the jean shorts - classy

While the shorts were a good idea for dancing, they were not the best for riding on the back of a motorcycle home. (Yes, Mom - I was totally wearing a helmet).  My knees were a bit chilled once I arrived back at Casa de Grand (name is pending. Suggestions welcome!)

Saturday, May 25

Sadly, today was a day of saying goodbye to my friend Travis, seen in the picture above.  He's off doing fantastic theater work in Ohio for the Summer, so we all showed up for a send off:

Dress: The Ascot Challenge Dress

(this is Molly. I like Molly.)

Taken the next morning.  I fell asleep on a couch. Don't judge me.

I wore non-me-made leggings and cardigan because IT WAS JUST SO COLD.  I like how it looks, though - and may be trying out this look once Autumn rolls around again.

Sunday, May 25: Painting

I actually have a me-made outfit for painting

Top: A really hideous pink Renfrew, made out of the worst knit ever. I wanted to throw it away, but it's perfect for sloppy things like this.
Pants: Occupants

The tenant before me had painted two of the walls blue, and my best friend, Stephy, and I finished the other two walls.  It looks amazing now!

Monday, May 27: 

Blouse: McCalls 5929
Overalls: Eva Dress Land Girls Overalls

Friends, I knew today was going to be crazy so I threw on my overalls and got to work. I put a second coat of paint on the walls, made curtains for my bedroom, washed the couch cushion covers and restuffed them, went to the grocery, reorganized my bathroom and kitchen cupboards, etc etc etc.

I was feeling very productive by the time this picture was taken.

Tuesday, May 28

Top: McCalls 5522
Skirt: Refashioned khaki skirt (I can't help repeating it, I love it so much)

I didn't want to stand still for pictures, so here is a picture of me admiring my shoes.

Wednesday, May 29: BLACKHAWKS

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, let me offer my most sincere apologies for Wednesday night.  I should not be allowed to live tweet during sporting events.  With that said, I spent my evening with my best friend and her husband watching the Chicago Blackhawks v the Detroit Red Wings.  If you were watching the game, then you know it was a nail biter.

Top: Perfectly Plaid Pendrell
Bottoms: Black Simplicity 3688 

According to my friend, Tyler, this is my "famous 'I can't handle the stress' sports watching face. Non-Steeler version. Btw, you can tell it isn't a Steeler game because J. isn't wincing in pain from Megan's fingers digging into his leg."  These people know my sports watching habits to a T.

Thursday, May 30

Since I got home late after the game ended last night, my outfit today was rather uninspired:

Top: Refashioned white dress top (another repeat)

Since posting about this skirt originally, I threw it into a black dye bath.  While the color is darker overall and hides the weird blue issues I gained from the seam tape, it did leave black spots in places.  I still wear it because it's comfortable, though I know I'll work to replace it soon.

Friends, I am proud that I am nearing the end of this challenge without many repeats.  I'd like to approach the next me made challenge with a goal of no repeats, but for now, I think I have definitely satisfied the goal of wearing me made items this month :)

Have a marvelous night, all!  One more day to go!



  1. Yay Blackhawks!!! :)

    And I love your photos here! The dress layered with leggings and cardi is really cute!

  2. your sports stress face is perfect.

    mighty meg's? megatropolis? whatever you name it, the blue walls and HOLY COW living room loungey chair are fabulous.

    1. Oooh, I like megatropolis! But whatever you choose it will be megnificent! (Oh and on the side, your friend in the Nautilus tee has an absolutely spectacular mustache!)

  3. yea blackhawks!
    I love your hair, your khaki skirt, and your coke sweatshirt the most! (even though I'm a Pepsi girl)

  4. I do like what you've done with Alma! And that screen is pretty cool - looking forward to the big plans.