Monday, June 3, 2013

MMM: Day 31 and The Pain in the Plaid Minoru Jacket

Friends!  We have made it through another Me Made May.  By the end of the month, I was more than ready to throw on a pair of store bought jeans...

which is exactly what I did.

Friday, May 31: 

Jeans: Old Navy Sweetheart Jeans (not me made, obviously)

One of the great things about my company is that we have jeans day every Friday.  For the past several Fridays, I watched enviously as my coworkers wore their jeans, and I cursed my lack of me made jeans.  This will be remedied for the next MM event, but I could no longer contain myself on the last day.  I did get heckled about it from my date for the evening, who has been following my progress for the month. I failed the challenge a bit.  I did end up wearing more store bought sweaters than I had anticipated, but I had thought the weather would be warmer for the majority of May.  Call me crazy, but I have weird expectations about weather.  It's May - warm up already.

I didn't have any me made sweaters in my stash, but I did have my amazing Minoru jacket:

(me and my lovely houseguest for the weekend, JL)

You guys. I love this jacket.  It caused me twenty hours of straight up pinning/matching plaid/cutting and re-cutting plackets/doing steps in the wrong order GRIEF, but I'm over it now and fully in love.

Oh yeah, and the zipper moves diagonally to the right when I walk (the elastic doesn't hit at the same spot on the left and right) and I just don't care.

My problems with the jacket began early.  I top-stitched the collar and jacket body ... before i attached the plackets.  That was my fault 100% for not reading ahead.  I blame my love of top-stitching for that.  TOP STITCH ALL THE THINGS.

And then I decided since I had such luck matching the plaids on the side seams, hood, and the sleeves that - what the hell! - might as well try matching the plackets, too.  

I have had some really horrible ideas in my life, and this one is near the top of the list.  After re-cutting the plackets FOUR TIMES to try and match the plaids (which is difficult when the spacing between the collar and jacket body do not match the spaces of the plaid), I decided that the plackets would be cut on the bias.  Fine, I can live with that.  Because seam ripping was nearly impossible without destroying the fabric, I had to keep cutting out the plackets and eliminating my seam allowance.  The coat is a bit snug in some areas, but it's not bothersome.

Then I couldn't get the sides to match up as I was inserting the zipper, so I did the most practical thing I could think of and threw it in the corner and cried.

I spent two weeks agonizing over the stupid thing until I decided I wasn't going to let it win.  I basted the zipper in and struggled to get the plackets and collar to match up evenly on each side.  Once it was done, it was done.  I didn't even think about seam ripping and trying it again ... because when I had seam-ripped earlier, I ripped the fabric so badly that I needed to cut a new placket; I decided to weave it back together with purple thread instead (I was beyond caring about anything at that point).

The plaid doesn't match exactly over the zipper now, but the placket distracts from that.  Kinda.

The fabric is a very heavy woven something, and the inside is lined with an old bedsheet.  Cost for materials? $2 for the zipper.  Cost of Rolaids? $10. 

What's done is done, and now that I've had time to distance myself from the sewing process, I really am in love with this jacket.  I even want to make another one!  I discovered some water resistant fabric in my stash, and I think this pattern would make a delightful raincoat.  Next time, I will read the directions carefully and not use plaid - I think those are ingredients for success :)

Friends, have you made the Minoru jacket? Post your links below so I can see your versions!

XOXO and congrats on another successful Me Made May!

(Many thanks to Zoe for organizing this event :) It's always such a treat)