Monday, July 15, 2013

The Colette Truffle Dress aka Great Gatsby Party Dress!

FRIENDS!  It's been entirely too long since we've chatted.  June was sheer craziness. My parents came and visited for eight days (stayed downtown, but I saw them almost every day), and then I had a house guest for ten days ... so my days were quite full of company!  I've also been working to enjoy the Chicago summer to its absolute fullest, meaning I am hanging out with my friends and a handsome gent as often as possible.
Thankfully, I am now working to catch up with all of my reading (you guys were really busy while I was checked out!!!), so expect some comments and love coming your way soon!

I did actually have time to make and photograph something, believe it or not.  I attended a Great Gatsby 4th of July party (WOOO), and I needed a new dress.  After examining my schedule for open pockets of time (non-existent), pastel and lighter hued fabrics (few and far between), I finally combined the simplicity of the Colette Truffle Dress with some sea foam satin remnants:

The neckline is a bit wonky in the photos because I got lazy when pushing the straps over my shoulders like the model wears them in the book.  I move around quite a bit.
*insert rump shaking Charleston dance here*

The satin is a bit wrinkled (and I swear the back doesn't look this bad in real life), and I inserted an invisible zipper without an invisible zipper foot (it just came YESTERDAY), but I quite like it.  I'm thinking if I throw a sweater over it, I'll be able to make it work appropriate.

This is my best friend.  She is a classy lady.

Our most gracious hostess, Karen. 

And my best friend's hubbie, who is also my friend.  It was a room full of happy, warm feelings ... and lots of sunshine.

My next project is a Vintage Vogue sundress for my sister, due on Friday (advice for bound buttonholes would be so so welcome!!). I've also been working on a few things for Meli's Rip and Redo Challenge, and I'm hoping to get those posted next week.
Many hugs and much love to you all, and I'm looking forward to catching up on all of your adventures in the next few days!
XOXOXO x 1,000