Saturday, November 23, 2013

Doctor Who Sew Along: The Impossible Girl

Friends, while I've been knitting the time away these last few weeks, I stole a few moments to put together a dress fit for a 50th anniversary party :)

Several years ago, I came across this fantastic polyester plaid that has quite a bit of stretch in it.  I only managed to grab a little over two yards, and it has sat in my closet ever since.  Several months ago, the lovely Michelle gave me some patterns in my bust size, and I immediately fell in love with Butterick 4712.  Add into this lovely mix the marvelous Tempest Devyne's Doctor Who Sew Along, and you've got the right mixture for a proper time travel outfit!

Of course, while my favorite companion is Donna Noble for her sass and heart, I can not deny the fashion awesomeness of Clara Oswald.  The girl definitely knows how to rock plaid!

This dress was fairly simple to put together, though I did make some adjustments and added under bust and back darts to make the bodice a bit more fitted.  I tried on the dress prior to adding the darts, and didn't like the sack like shape that was emerging.  I think it's much more wearable now!

I got very lucky that the collar and dress plaids matched up so well.  I did run out of fabric for the under collar, so I just used a bright red to add a bit of contrast.  If you're going to run out of fabric, might as well make it a fashion choice, right?  Right!

While taking these photos prior to attending a Doctor Who viewing party was entertaining, it was also 24 degrees Fahrenheit!  Definitely too cold for a short dress with short sleeves, so I'll be adding some woolen tights and a sweater if I plan on wearing this out before Spring.

Many thanks to the Man Candy for allowing me to wear his hat on the way back home so my ears could warm up :)

And many MANY thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments on my last post!!  I am very pleased to say that I have worn the sweater almost every day, and I can't wait to show you what I've been working on lately.  I've become quite the sweater knitting fiend!

Hugs and kisses to all of you, and I hope my fellow Whovians had a marvelous 50th!


Monday, November 4, 2013

Matchy Matchy with Michelle!

I have had three great achievements in my life so far: 1. Getting a Masters Degree.  2. Running a Marathon.  3. Knitting my first sweater

But let's be 1,000% clear here, folks. I could NOT have done this on my own.


The amazing Michelle (who I count among my dearest of friends in the universe now) was my partner in crime. Together, we tackled this pattern (The Drops Catherine Jacket), bit by bit, week by week. 
It all came about because I realized I wanted two knit by me sweaters before the new year rolled in.  As I was looking at patterns on Ravelry (a delicious candy store of wonderful knit goods), I settled on this pattern for my first time. A color work sweater.  That's really a jacket.  And is like 8 feet long. 
Holy Cannoli.

Michelle was fearless and SO SO PATIENT.

She didn't hesitate to join me in this endeavor, and her encouragement is what made this a success.  My random texts to her when I forgot how to seam, or I had more stitches on one side of the sweater than another, or when I fudged up my colorwork something awful - she guided me through it all.

Looking back, though the pattern was completely advanced and I am a beginner in every sense of the word, I am so glad I chose it.

The skills I learned are so essential to all of the sweaters I tackle in the future.  Increasing (oh hey, knit forward and back), decreasing, seaming (Michelle is a seaming master, you guys.  I was sweating bullets at this part.), COLOR WORK, picking up stitches, altering a pattern for my measurements (super long arms here)...
the list goes on and on.

Truly, I could not be more pleased!

The pattern calls for two colors of contrast, but Michelle and I each chose one.  I like the overall look of it, and I am counting on this sweater as being a huge part of my winter wardrobe.

I may even make another, with green being the base color and grey for the contrast.  Who knows? I'm a wild and crazy guy now.  WOOL SWEATERS FOR LIFE.

Many, many thanks to Michelle's awesome husband, Mike, for taking these fantastic photos, and even bigger thanks to Michelle for helping complete this beginning knitter's dream.  I love you like whoa. 
Friends, I've missed you, but hopefully you've forgiven me upon seeing this monster that I've completed.  Much love and many hugs to you all :)
PS and here's to our next KAL with the wonderful Liz - be prepared for more photo shoot fun in the next few months!